भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi

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UPSC भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi

Course Speciality

- Topic wise Videos, Notes and Tests to analyze and improve on what you learn
- Multiple tests for each topic & chapter to eliminate weakness till the last level
- Best Videos for learning a topic, you will never forget a topic you watched
- UPSC Forum to stay updated with current affairs of each and every subject
भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi is created by UPSC teachers & experts for students preparing for UPSC syllabus. भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi will help everyone preparing for UPSC syllabus with already 55410 students enrolled. भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi is the best book for UPSC. You can download Free भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi pdf from this course as well. This also contains UPSC slides including भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi ppt. UPSC 55410 for भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi syllabus are also available any UPSC entrance exam. With UPSC exam 2019 coming close, we have covered UPSC exam 2018, 2017 & 2016 as well to get you a perfect result for UPSC. This is the best भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi e-book even including all UPSC sample papers and study material from the best teachers and experts from all over the country. All UPSC notifications will be updated in this and you can apply for any UPSC form after this and expect a great result after studying from this course!

Course content

  1. भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC Prelims in Hindi

  2. संकल्पनात्मक नोट्स- भूगोल20 docs

  3. माॅडल टेस्ट पेपर, सुझाव एंव महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियाँ 2 docs | 2 tests

  4. अभ्यास प्रश्न पत्र 13 tests

  5. स्वमूल्यांकन हेतु प्रश्न 25 docs

  6. संशोधन नोट्स- भूगोल3 subtopics

  7. भारत एवं विश्व5 docs

  8. भारत का भूगोल11 docs

  9. विश्व भूगोल12 docs

  10. NCERT Textbooks (Hindi)9 subtopics

  11. Class 6 Geography (Hindi)8 docs

  12. Class 7 Geography (Hindi)10 docs

  13. Class 8 Geography (Hindi)6 docs

  14. Class 9 Geography (Hindi)6 docs

  15. Class 10 Geography (Hindi)6 docs

  16. Class 11 Geography (Hindi)16 docs

  17. Class 11 Indian Physical Environment7 docs

  18. Class 12 Geography (Hindi)10 docs

  19. Class 12 India - People and Economy12 docs

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