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What is Physocology ?

Amjid Khan answered  •  Apr 15, 2020
Physociology means animal and human behavour

How to put your website on internet?

Rishabh Singh answered  •  Apr 10, 2020
First of all in order to view your website live on internet things you need to know is that , there is step by step process of putting your website....I am gonna cut short it for you 
So first you will need a hosting on which you can where you can place your files and data like images,etc...

There are many free as well as paid hosting available just google it out.

Second and the most important part ..you will need a domain , domain is the identity of your website , people from anywhere in the world can access it by putting you domain name into their URL bar and bang.!

If you going for free hosting you will get a a sub domain from that website which is kinda long and hard to remember as well.!

If you just started making websites or coding then you should opt for free domain as well as hosting
 ( 000webhost.com )

That's pretty much it.!!

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How to blog ? Without domain is it possible .?

Shubham Kashyap answered  •  Apr 26, 2019
For start blog without domain or hosting just go to blogpost.com and you can create a blog
but you want to be professional then you have to buy domain, hosting, or paid tools

Basic concept of Web designing?

Anagha M Das answered  •  Aug 30, 2018
1)accessibility2)sholud be quickly to load3) should be easy to navigate4)data will be delivered with the speed of light...

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