Civil Engineering (CE)

For the Beam shown below, the value of unknown Reaction ‘X’ will be_____kN.
    Correct answer is '26-26.5'. Can you explain this answer?

    SHAILJA GUPTA answered  •  47 minutes ago
    Using Moment distribution method:
    Using principal of superposition:

     = 190.5kN − m
    But moment at B must be zero, so applying a counter moment of 190.5 kN-m at B to make final moment at B equal to zero, Half of (-190.5 kN-m) is transferred to fixed end A.
    So,final moment at A = 
     = 189.75kN − m(clockwise) = y
    ∑F= 0 
    x + Z = 150 kN
    ∑M= 0 
    x.10 – 50 × 5 – 100 × 2 + 189.75 = 0
    10.x = 260.25
    x = 26.025 kN

    Consistency as applied to cohesive soils is an indicator of its
    • a)
    • b)
      moisture content
    • c)
      shear strength
    • d)
    Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

    SUNITA GARG answered  •  11 hours ago
    Consistency of soil refers to the resistance offered by it against forces that tend to deform or rupture the soil aggregate. It is related to strength.

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