Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

If saturation currents of 2 diodes are 1 µA and 2 µA.
If break down voltages of diode are same and are equal to 100 volt, what is value of current in D1.
If V = 90 volt
  • a)
    0 µA
  • b)
    1 µA
  • c)
     1.5 µA
  • d)
     2 µA    
Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

Rohit Kaushal answered  •  22 hours ago
Saturation current is maximum current , which diode can handle , so 2uA current can't pass through 1uA diode , but vice versa is true. , the voltage drop across 2uA diode will be adjusted to pass 1uA current through it.
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