Biotechnology Engineering (BT)

Discoverer of DNA?

Anagha Nair answered  •  Dec 06, 2020
DNA was discovered as nuclein my Mischeir.
The structure was discovered by Watson and Crick using data given by Rosalind Franklin

Can anyone have gate biotechnology or life science study material?

Panchram Patel answered  •  Apr 07, 2020
Read fundamental books of related subjects of according to syllabus

Sir what is parthenogenesis?

Mridula Ah. answered  •  Sep 15, 2019
Development of embryo or zygote from single gamete without fertilization . Ex:- drones bees ,wasps , seedless fruits etc.

Organization of shoot apical meristem?

KANIK SHARMA answered  •  Sep 13, 2019
Shoot apical meristem (SAM) is a dome of dividing cells at the tip of the terminal bud that forms the 3 tissue systems: -protoderm, ground tissue and procambium. 2. At the edges are leaf PRIMORDIA, which grow to form leaves.


Alagu Kannan.v answered  •  Jul 30, 2019
It synthesis a complementary messenger RNA which is responsible for caring for pritein synthesis

How can I easily study Biotechnology ?

Iram Shahzadi answered  •  Jul 23, 2019
Mera b yehi problem.. I think so Prh prh K.. and Sharing knowledge best thing

Is there any scope in India in biotech agriculture application?

Yuvi Singh Rajput answered  •  May 14, 2019
India is a agricultural based country. so definitely there is a lot of opportunities. ..... Job Opportunities in Biotechnology Biotechnology professionals can work in many organizations under the following positions Medical Scientists. Biological Technician. Biomedical Engineers. Microbiologists. EpidemiologistsR&D and Process Development Scientists. Biomanufacturing Specialists. BioProduc... more


Angel Ruhi answered  •  Apr 21, 2019
Chromatin is a dynamic molecule that exists in many configurations. ...Euchromatin is typically a gene‐rich open chromatin, whereasheterochromatin is maintained in a condensed state that replicates late and contains primary repetitive sequences but relatively few genes.

Working and application of biosensors ?

Shiv Prakash answered  •  Jan 29, 2019
A biosensor is a biological detection system consists of a biological component combined with a transducer to perform measurement of a biochemical quantity. The development of biosensors started with the invention of enzyme electrodes by Leland C. Clark in 1962.

A typical biosensor includes a bioelement such as an enzyme, antibody, or a cell receptor, and a sensing element or a transduc
... more

Usain Bolt set the world 100m record in August 2009 with what time? 
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Shweta Gupta answered  •  Jan 22, 2019
9.58 s
The current men's world record of 9.58 s is held by Usain Bolt of Jamaica, set at the 2009 World Athletics Championships final in Berlin, Germany on 16 August 2009, breaking his own previous world record by 0.11 s.

What is the role of PEG( polyethylene glycol ) in biotech.?

Roopal Bansal answered  •  Jan 19, 2019
PEG 3350 is a polyethylene glycol that has an average molecular weight of 3350 g/mol. PEG's are polymers that can be used to precipitate DNA, RNA, proteins and viruses. Storage/Handling: Store in a dry and well ventilated place.

Measuring parameters of growth in animal biotechnology

Aakash Pandey answered  •  Jan 05, 2019
Animal cells are more difficult to culture than microorganisms because they require many more nutrients and typically grow only when attached to specially coated surfaces. Despite these difficulties, various types of animal cells, including both undifferentiated and differentiated ones, can be cultured successfully.

NNitrogen cycle ?

Aakash Pandey answered  •  Dec 28, 2018
Nitrogen is both the most abundant element in the atmosphere and, as a building block of proteins and nucleic acids such as DNA, a crucially important component of all biological life. The nitrogen cycle is a complex biogeochemical cycle in which nitrogen is converted from its inert atmospheric molecular form (N2) into a form that is useful in biological processes.

Why Animal cell culture is more prone to contamination by microbes and their measure to prevent?

Aakash Pandey answered  •  Dec 24, 2018
The microbial contamination of animal cell culture, including stem cells, such as the blood stem cells, is a common problem of cell culture laboratories. It is important to identify the types of microorganisms commonly contaminating the cell culture and the sources of contaminating microorganisms, as well as see their effects on cells in culture. This mini review provides a short account of common... more

Why we are Taq.polemerase enzyme at the time of DNA transcription.?

Roopal Bansal answered  •  Dec 24, 2018
It is isolated from a heat-loving bacterium that is naturally found in hot springs, so the enzyme doesn't break down at the high temperatures necessary for copying DNA using a polymerase chain reaction. At high temperatures, Taq polymerase attaches nucleotides to a DNA template, thereby copying the DNA.

Short notes on GERL system

Pushkar Malik answered  •  Nov 17, 2018
The acronym "GERL" stands for Golgi - Endoplasmic Reticulum - Lysosomal complex. These organelles form a system that when combined with the endocytotic and exocytotic pathways provide a means by which the cell can. 1. process endocytosed and synthesized materials, 2. "

Wich type of enzyme use in protoplast isolation?

Rachika Grewal answered  •  Nov 15, 2018
Protoplast Isolation.
Protoplasts are cells which have had their cell wall removed, usually by digestion with enzymes. Cellulase enzymes digest the cellulose in plant cell walls while pectinase enzymes break down the pectin holding cells together.

What is the variation, why we need it and what are the genetical foundation of variation?

Zimal Zari answered  •  Sep 27, 2018
What is the difference between heredity and heritability? Why we need to calculate heritability?

I wanna make career in biotechnology how can I proceed.?

Nitin Chaudhary answered  •  Sep 10, 2018
Firstly you have passed in 10+2 with good %. and also you have a biology subject in 10+2 .after that for your graduation you can choose both biotech if( math) is available or biotech in any of the honours subjects

Difference between eucarpic thallus and holocarpic thallus ?

Shahbaaz Ahmed answered  •  Jun 14, 2018
Diffrence between Holocarpic and Eucarpic

1. Holocarpic
Denoting a fungus in which the entire thallus is differentiated into a reproductive sporangium when mature. 
Eucarpic Denoting a fungus in which the thallus is differentiated into vegetative and reproductive regions. 

Holocarpic (Holocarpism)
Whole thallus of fungus becomes converted into a reproductive cell*

Found among:
1. Chytridiomycota
2. Hyphochytridiomycota
3. Plasmodiophoromycota
4. Oomycota
5. Ascomycota
6. Basidiomycota**
7. Fungi imperfecti

2. Eucarpic (Eucarpism) Thallus
- differentiates into distinct vegetative and reproductive portions
- found among all divisions

trends to complexity (hyphal construction)
1. Monocentric (monocentrism)
Thallus consists of single reproductive cell attached to
substrate hyphae
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