The number 14,16,35,42 are not in proportion. The fourth term for which they will be in proportion is. Option (A) 45. (B) 40. (C) 32. (D) none of these?

Kripa G answered  •  Feb 28, 2020
14×42 = 16×35
588 = 560
It is not in Proportion

Substitute the option
(A) 45
14×45 = 16×35
630 = 560
It is not in proportion.
(B) 40
14×40 = 16×35
560. = 560
It is in Proportion.
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Mady Sk answered  •  Feb 20, 2020
Lalu achha dikhta tha or saman kisim ka ladka tha usko pdhai me bhot mann lga kr padhta tha

Define four season?

Mady Sk answered  •  Feb 20, 2020
There are four season
1.rainy season
2.winter season
3.summer season
4.autumn season

Syllabus of cbse class 1 math?

Wahid Khan answered  •  Oct 13, 2019
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) prepares the syllabus for the academic year of class 1 for all the subjects. It covers all the important topics which the children must cover for the foundation stage. Students of class 1 shall study English, Maths, Hindi, EVS, GK, Arts, health and physical education subject in an academic year. The schools should adopt new and innovative ways of tea... more

What is strength of material?

PRINCE SUNIL answered  •  Sep 19, 2019
In materials science, the strength of a material is its ability to withstand an applied load without failure or plastic deformation. The field of strength of materials deals with forces and deformations that result from their acting on a material.


NEHA ASHOK answered  •  Sep 19, 2019
Alice saw a white rabbit with pink eyes which ran close by her when she was gazing daisies at the riverbank.

When the rabbit pulled out a watch out of its waistcoat pocket and hurried on.

Alice was shocked and started to follow the rabbit down the burrow.

Give example of use of participle as in function of adjective verb.?

SHIV PRAKASH answered  •  Sep 13, 2019
Present participles always end in -ing. Other examples of present participles include swimming, laughing, and playing. The present participle can function as an adjective and modify nouns in sentences. ... A sentence in future progressive tense is: “She will be sitting at her desk in an hour.”


SHREYASH GANPATI answered  •  Sep 11, 2019

Tom is a character of unflagging energy and a real zeal for trickery. He can con and schmoze his way out of any situation. When the novel begins, Tom is a mischievous child who envies Huck Finn’s lazy lifestyle and freedom. As Tom’s adventures proceed, however, critical moments show Tom moving away from his childhood concerns and making mature, responsible decisions. These moments include Tom’s testimony at Muff Potter’s trial, his saving of Becky from punishment, and his heroic navigation out of the cave. By the end of the novel, Tom is coaxing Huck into staying at the Widow Douglas’s, urging his friend to accept tight collars, Sunday school, and good table manners. He is no longer a disobedient character undermining the adult order, but a defender of respectability and responsibility. In the end, growing up for Tom means embracing social custom and sacrificing the freedoms of childhood.

Yet Tom’s development isn’t totally coherent. The novel jumps back and forth among several narrative strands: Tom’s general misbehavior, which climaxes in the Jackson’s Island adventure; his courtship of Becky, which culminates in his acceptance of blame for the book that she rips; and his struggle with Injun Joe, which ends with Tom and Huck’s discovery of the treasure. Because of the picaresque, or episodic, nature of the plot, Tom’s character can seem inconsistent, as it varies depending upon his situation. Tom is a paradoxical figure in some respects—for example, he has no determinate age. Sometimes Tom shows the naivete of a smaller child, with his interest in make-believe and superstitions. On the other hand, Tom’s romantic interest in Becky and his fascination with Huck’s smoking and drinking seem more the concerns of an adolescent.


SAROJ KUMARI answered  •  Sep 07, 2019
In this story, it has been said that at a point of time, she felt everything dull and boring as she was not quite happy with the normal things that were going on around her in life. She moved from here to there. She was not satisfied for life to go on in the usual and common manner as she was having the cake. She quickly wanted to work and expect something special. 

The correct stability order of the following resonance structure is:

  • a)
    I > II > IV > III
  • b)
    I > III > II > IV
  • c)
    II > I > III > IV
  • d)
    III > I > IV > II
Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

KIRTI answered  •  Aug 19, 2019
Step1: check octet completion for each atom.. arrange them in increasing order of octet i.e. (I, III) > (II, IV)

step 2: check charge separation.. i.e. more electronegative having -ve charge is more stable one and same with electrodeff. having +ve charge is more stable i. e. I>III>II>IV (bcoz C having -ve charge and N having +ve charge are less stable)

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Shally Shukla answered  •  Feb 18, 2019
A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence. Pronouns are used so that our language is not cumbersome with the same nouns being repeated over and over in a paragraph. Some examples of pronouns include I, me, mine, myself, she, her, hers, herself, we, us, ours and ourselves.

Which of the following sulphates have the highest solubility in water:
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'D'. Can you explain this answer?

Hardik Dahiya answered  •  Feb 14, 2019
Solubility depends upon the resulting enthalpy of lattice energy and hydration enthalpy. For MgSO4, hydration enthaply is more hence it is soluble in water. Whereas, for BaSO4 it is not enough that's why it is not soluble in water.

The total number of possible isomers for the complex compound [CuII(NH3)4][PtIICl4]are ?
    Correct answer is '6'. Can you explain this answer?

    Sujata Tanwar answered  •  Feb 05, 2019
    In [Cu(NH3)4][PtCl4] complex , both anion and cation can be metal complex ions which yields an isomer and this type of isomerism is referred to as coordination isomerism.

     [Pt(NH3)4][CuCl4] and [Cu(NH3)4][PtCl4]
     In the first complex, NH3 ligands are associated with Pt and Cl- ligands are associated with Cu whereas it is the reverse in the case of the second complex.
    Hence, 2 isomers are there.

    Mayank Sharma answered  •  Feb 05, 2019
    Samskaras are the subtle impressions of our past actions. As long as we are alive, we continuously perform actions, but not all of them contribute to the formation of samskaras. Actions that we perform with full awareness are the ones that make the greatest impression on our mind. In other words, it is the intention behind the action that gives power to that action. This process is beautifully exp... more

    The possible number of optical isomers in [Co(en)2Cl2]+ are ?
      Correct answer is '3'. Can you explain this answer?

      Chandna Arora answered  •  Jan 16, 2019
      It’s helpful to get a model kit in mind to be able to visualize the octahedral coordination (that way you can rotate these molecules in your hands to see how they fit together)- here’s what the isomers look like:
      Notice that the cis form of the molecule has optical isomers (also known as enantiomers). This is a great example of chirality in inorganic chemistry! If you overlaid the two cis isomers on top of each other, you would find that they’re non-superimposable (they aren’t the same no matter how you rotate them). Meanwhile, the trans form of the molecule does not have any enantiomers. Can you see why this is?

      Nalini Iyer answered  •  Jan 12, 2019
      Convert the decimal number to a fraction by placing the decimal number over a power of ten. Since there are 2
      numbers to the right of the decimal point, place the decimal number over 10^2 (100)
      Next, add the whole number to the left of the decimal.135100
      Reduce the fractional part of the mixed number.1^7/20
      Convert the mixed number 1^7/20
      into an improper fraction first by multiplying the denominator 20)
      by the whole number part (1)
      and add the numerator (7)
      to get the new numerator. Place the new numerator (27)
      over the old denominator (20).27/20

      Nalini Iyer answered  •  Jan 11, 2019
      Rafferty knew that Alsop was not a Times reader for Alsop would have know Rafferty’s name if he had read the times. But Alsop did not seem to be knowing of the name when Rafferty mentioned his name and it was clear from the episode that Alsop was not a reader of the Times.

      Shally Shukla answered  •  Dec 17, 2018
      Lymph is a fluid connective tissue comprising lymph plasma (fluid) and lymph corpuscles (cells).


      It transports oxygen, food materials, hormones, etc. to the body and brings carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes, from the body cells to the blood and then finally pours the same into the venous system.

      Blood cells are also kept moist by the lymph

      Harshita Joshi answered  •  Nov 05, 2018
      Unlike Tom, Sid is studious, always on time, and goes out of his way to stay out of trouble.

      Tom hates school (except for Becky), is perpetually in trouble, and is late for everything.

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