Essential components of food are called
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

T Devi answered  •  8 minutes ago
Nutrients are molecules in food that all organisms
Need to make energy, grow, develop and reproduce
We need to supply our body, with energy, macro-
nutrients and micronutrients.
Soo, nutrients is an essential component of food.

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How many countries are there in world ? (a) 194 (b) 198 (c) 195 (d) 196?

T Devi answered  •  25 minutes ago
195 countries
There are 195 countries in world today. This total
Comprises 193 countries that are member states
Of United nations and 2 countries that are non-
Member observer states : the holy see and the
State of Palestine.

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How many states are there in India?

T Devi answered  •  35 minutes ago
India has 29 states and
7 Union territories.

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When 1 is subtracted from smallest 5-digit number what is the result?
  • a)
    greatest 2-digit number
  • b)
    greatest 3-digit number
  • c)
    greatest 4-digit number
  • d)
    smallest 2-digit number
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

T Devi answered  •  40 minutes ago
Since we have given that
Samallest 5 digit number = 10000
When 1 is subtract from it,
10000 - 1 = 9999
Hence, the reasult is 9999.

So, if 1 is subtract from the smallest number
So the ans will be 9999.

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How many vedas are there

T Devi answered  •  51 minutes ago
There are 4 types of vedas

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What is movement?

Star Networks answered  •  6 hours ago
Movement is an act of changing place from one position to other

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