Class 6- Science, chapter 12 Q. Differentiate between- Switch ON and Switch OFF?

Riddhima Sharma Sharma answered  •  1 hour ago
Hey here is your answer bro Switch ON When the switch is on its an close circuit in which all wires and the switch is connected to all the part without any gap so that the electricity can flow through all parts and switch and the results is the on fan or moving fan and blown bulb Switch OFF when the switch is off it's an open circuit or you can say it broken circuit in which there's a ga... more

Difference between chandragupta maurya and chandragupta?

Riddhima Sharma Sharma answered  •  2 hours ago
The Answer is that both names are same Chandragupt Maurya is the full name of Chandragupt or chandra He is the son of surayagupt maurya Chandragupt was a great king in the guidance of "chanakya"

Full form of LCM

Padma Bathina Bathina answered  •  3 hours ago
Least common multiple is the full form of LCM

What is called megaliths ?

Nisha Selva answered  •  5 hours ago
Megaliths are the stone boulders used to mark burial sites .

What is a adoption?

Shreshtha answered  •  6 hours ago
Adaptation is an evolutionary process where a plant or an animal becomes suited to living in a particular habitat. These are changes that take place over many generations through natural selection. Changes may be physical or behavioural.

What is reflections?

Shreshtha answered  •  6 hours ago
Reflection is the change in direction of a wave at a boundary between two different media, so that the wave moves back into the medium it came from.

What are the differences between emperor and king?

Nisha Selva answered  •  7 hours ago
The emperor is bigger than a king and they need a large army to protect them and Kings are smaller than the emperors who own the king dom

How many pair of ribs are in rib cage. ?? a) 3 b) 12 c) 8 d) 10?

garima sharma answered  •  9 hours ago
There are 12 rib cage in our ribs each rib has 12 rib cage total ribcages is 24

What you mean by the respiratory system?

garima sharma answered  •  9 hours ago
Breathing is the process of respiration. Respiration usually use oxygen

In english who did patricks homework?

garima sharma answered  •  9 hours ago
Patrick do his homework itself . To bring book from library . when elf did not know English Patrick said elf that the meanings of this word is that or not so Patrick do his homework on self
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