Can you explain the answer of this question below:
Ultimate source of energy for all living organisms is
A: Planets
B: Moon
C... more
D: Coal
The answer is C.

Deepi Dilpreet answered  •  33 minutes ago
We need sun to survive!! .because without the Sun The earth will be sooo cold!!. then we will not be able to survive without the heat of the sun .earth will Soo cold in this type of cold the human body be could not survive..

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What is my grilfrend name?

Madhur Agarwal answered  •  9 hours ago
You only know this answer. This is a app of studies ,

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Please tell me Intege r?

Samritha Venkat answered  •  10 hours ago
Integer is the mixture of all the positive and negative numbers

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Who is a cartographer?

Reena Khandelwal answered  •  12 hours ago
A person who makes maps is known as CARTOGRAPHER..

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What are the uses of rocks?

M. Siddiqui answered  •  14 hours ago
There are various uses of rocks. like making roads,bridges,houses,buildings etc.

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