Who is the captain of Indian cricket team?

Gundu Lakshmi answered  •  34 minutes ago
Captain of Indian cricket team is virat kohili

Who is the father of Akbar?

Gundu Lakshmi answered  •  37 minutes ago
Humayun is the father of akbar
here is humayun's picture :

I am tall when I am young, and I am short when I am old. Who am I?

Gulzar Ahmad answered  •  42 minutes ago
CANDLE is tall when it is young.....when it Is burned,it gets smaller and older.....

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What is the capital of USA?

Sabiha Khan answered  •  2 hours ago
The capital of United states of America is Washington D.C

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Shalini Kaur asked   •  8 hours ago

निम्नलिखित गद्यांशों को ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़कर नीचे दिए गए प्रश्नों के सही उत्तर विकल्पों में से चुनिए:
सवाक् सिनेमा के नए दौर की शुरुआत करानेवाले निर्माता-निर्देशक अर्देशिर इतने विनम्र थे कि जब 1956 में ‘आलम आरा’ के प्रदर्शन के पच्चीस वर्ष पूरे होने पर उन्हें सम्मानित किया गया और उन्हें ‘भारतीय सवाक् फ़िल्मो का पिता’ कहा गया तो उन्होंने उस मौके पर कहा था, ‘‘मुझे इतना बड़ा खिताब देने की ज्जरूरत नहीं है। मैंने तो देश के लिए अपने हिस्से का जरूरी योगदान दिया है।’
 प्रश्न: उन्हें 1956 में ही सम्मानित करने का निर्णय क्यों लिया गया?               
  • a)
    सरकार को तब याद आई           
  • b)
    तब वे बूढ़े हो चुके थे           
  • c)
    सवाक् पि़फल्म के प्रदर्शन को पच्चीस साल पूरे हुए थे           
  • d)
      तब उनकी उम्र पच्चीस साल थी
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Mansion two important factors of soil formation

Laxmi Pathak answered  •  5 hours ago
Following are the factors of soil formation:

Parent Rock: The parent rock determines the colour, texture, permeability, chemical property and mineral content of the soil.Climate: Temperature and rainfall influence the rate of weathering.Relief: Altitude and slope determine the accumulation of soil at a place.


Laxmi Pathak answered  •  5 hours ago
Zero does not have a reciprocal. Because any number multiplied by zero is equal to zero, that means that no number multiplied by 0 can equal 1.


Laxmi Pathak answered  •  17 hours ago
Electrostatic force is the force exerted by a charged body on another charged or uncharged body. ... This is because the comb is charged because of the rubbing on your hair and it attracts uncharged objects like paper.

Give a brief description of Mungal Empire?

Laxmi Pathak answered  •  17 hours ago
The Mughal emperors who ruled India after the death of Aurangzeb are known as the later Mughals. There were four groups of nobles in the Mughal court. ... The last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was defeated in the Revolt of 1857 and exiled to Rangoon by the British.

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