Drishti Kumari answered  •  1 hour ago
We can move our hand in air easily because there is large space between the particles of air but the same thing is not done in solid easily because particles of solid are tightly held together

What are communicable diseases?

Ghufran Naushad answered  •  3 hours ago
If you caught that disease from another person or animal, it is called a communicable disease. These illnesses are usually caused by viruses or bacteria and are passed through the air, through contact with contaminated surfaces, or through contact with bodily fluids. Examples include colds, the flu, or HIV.

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What is the function of ozone layer?

Ritesh Kumar answered  •  3 hours ago
It protect us from ultraviolet rays which comes out from the sun.

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Types of number-?

Seema Bajpai answered  •  4 hours ago
Natural, whole ,rational ,integer ,irrational no.

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Name All names of coronavirus?

Pranav Patil answered  •  7 hours ago
Coronavirus is actually a family of virus. there are a different types of coronavirus(including common cold!) the one which we are facing is called the novel coronavirus. it is also known as silent killer.

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