Prateek Kushwaha answered  •  45 minutes ago
Lateral meristem __it cause the organ to increase in diameter and girth ..
intercalary meristem.__ it produces an increase in the the length of an organ such leaves ind internodes

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Prateek Kushwaha answered  •  56 minutes ago
If a unbalanced force act on a body.then motion produces in the body....
if balanced force act on a body . then they do not produce any motion..

What is endomosis?

Navraj Singh 11th E2 answered  •  9 hours ago
Endosmosis is the movement of water inside the cell when the cell is in hypotonic solution(surrounding medium has more water as compared to inside).The water moves from higher concentration to lower concentration.This causes the cell to swell up!

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In △ABC, ∠A = 35 and ∠B = 65, then the longest side of the triangle is:
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
    None of these
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Navraj Singh 11th E2 answered  •  9 hours ago
Angle A+angle B+angle C=180
35+65 + angle C=180
angle C=180-100
angle C=80 degree

Hence,side AB is the longest as it is a rule that the side opposite to the longest angle is largest

Who was montmorency?

Sohan Mandal answered  •  10 hours ago
Montmorency was the name of the pet dog of the author Jerome K Jerome in the story 'Three Men in a Boat '.

How are forces classified ? give one example of each.?

Shashwat Singh answered  •  15 hours ago
Contact force- forces acting by direct contact between the bodies, for example, frictional force (it cannot act without contact) as well as muscular force.
Non-contact force- forces which do not require any contact between bodies and act from some distance, eg gravitation and magnetic forces, (you feel gravity even when you are in the air without touching anything (or in freefall)).

Whose favorite subject math and science?

Nidhi Tamak answered  •  16 hours ago
Maths and science both are my favourite subjects. both are very interesting. in science we came to learn new new things about are body, chemical reactions.. in maths we enjoy solving question especially questions related to trigonometry chapter.

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Describe the boundaries of india?

Nitu Yadav answered  •  17 hours ago
The boundaries refer to the line by which the two country separarated

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Explain 2 features of democracy?.?

Sourav Sharma answered  •  19 hours ago
The two future of democracy are people can elect their representative by there owns second is right to vote and right to speech

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