The present composition of the Election Commission is a
  • a)
    as decided by President
  • b)
    one-member body
  • c)
    two-member body
  • d)
    three-member body
Correct answer is option 'D'. Can you explain this answer?

Shakshi answered  •  yesterday
At present the election commission is a three member body. one the chief election commissioner of Indian and two other election commissioner.The chief election commissioner of India is S.A Bobde and the two other are Sushil Chandra and Ashok Lavasa.

Factors influencing insolation?

Shakshi answered  •  yesterday
The major factors which influence the amount of insolation are:
1. Rotation of earth on its axis
2. The angle of incidence of the sun's rays
3. Duration of the day
4. Transparency of the Atmosphere


Shakshi answered  •  yesterday
Sufism is derived from Arabic word Sufi which means man of wool. Sufism is mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslim seek to find the truth of divine, love and knowledge through direct experience of God.


Shakshi answered  •  yesterday
Renaissance is a French word meaning rebirth.It refers to a period in European civilization that was marked by the revival of classical learning and wisdom.
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