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72 hr is maximum time limit . after that it will get degrade .

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Aryan answered  •  4 minutes ago
Sperm is acidic in nature otherwise sperm could not be able to survive because when sperm is released before that cowper's gland and prostate gland secrete alkaline fluid which is very much essential for lubrication of of urinary tract so that the acidity effect of urine can be neutralize and sperm could be able to come out without degradation because sperm can't survive in the acidic medium

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What is sodalime decarboxylation reaction?

Aa Aa answered  •  10 minutes ago
Carboxylic acids having alpha hydrogen releases CO2 on heating with sodalime( naoh and cao) .decarboxylation reeaction reduces the no.of carbon from parent chain.

When we say aldol condensation or claisen condensation .what the word condensation signify?

Aa Aa answered  •  14 minutes ago
When 2 molecules unite without any elimination of smaller particle is called condensation.n hence the reaction got name e.g in aldol condensation there is formation of aldol which is alpha hydroxy aldehyde /ketone without any elimination and OH- which used initially given out in last.

What is basic difference between aldol condensation and claisen condensation reaction?

Aa Aa answered  •  18 minutes ago
Aldehyde/ketones having alpha hydrogen in presence of dilute base give aldol condensation reaction.Whereas ESTER having alpha hydrogen in presence of dilute base undergoes claisen condensation reaction.

What happens to aldol condensation reaction products at high temperature?

Aa Aa answered  •  23 minutes ago
At very low temperature 5 to 10•C aldols are stable .But at high temperature these aldol undergo ELIMINATION REACTION(removal of water)nd this elimination is E-1CB reaction.

How many bone of a new born baby?

Deepali Patange answered  •  26 minutes ago
300 bones , and in later development it becomes 206 bones in adults

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Which order reaction is aldol condensation reaction?

Aa Aa answered  •  28 minutes ago
Yet aldol condensation reaction has 2 steps.but aldol condensation reaction are usually THIRD ORDER REACTION!! but in very dilute base, order of aldol condensation becomes SECOND ORDER.

How many steps are there is aldol condensation reaction? And which is rate determining step.?

Aa Aa answered  •  30 minutes ago
There are 2 steps in aldol condensation reaction.
(1) Acid base reaction
(2) Carbanion attack
in 2nd step carbanion form and is slowest step. and hence this step determine rate of reaction.

Which is catalyst in aldol condensation reaction?

Aa Aa answered  •  34 minutes ago
OH- is used as catalyst in aldol condensation reaction.this reaction is given by aldehyde/ ketone having alpha hydrogen in presence of dilute base gives alpa hydroxy aldehyde/ketone.oh- act as base used first n in last step it exists .hence act as catalyst.

In blue-green algae photosynthesis takes place in –
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

Aniruddha Tayade answered  •  1 hour ago
Since Blue green algae is prokaryotic organism ,it lacks true nucleas and membrane bound cell organelle .The peripheral region of BGA protoplast contains thylakoid.Thylakoids (Lamillisomes) contain photosynthetic pigments (chrolophyll a, xanthophylls, phycobilin) in their membranes and serve as site for photosynthesis. Hence opt B is correct

Which of the following is the best source of thallium?
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
    flue dust
Correct answer is option 'D'. Can you explain this answer?

Sources of thallium

Thallium is found as a mineral in the elements crooksite, lorandite and hutchinsonite. It's also found as a trace element in iron pyrite and obtained from this ore by roasting the mineral. Small amounts of thallium are found in manganese nodules on the ocean floor.

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Sir sure September m h paper?

Tayibatun Nisa answered  •  1 hour ago
I guess exam will be held on time ,bz the news has circulated the media that admit cards for Jee exams will be released very soon ,may be tomorrow, so we neet aspirants can also assume that our admit cards will also be released and exams may be held on time,anyways we shouldn't pay heed to any false rumours and we should keep our preparation going on .

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Afifa Aaliya answered  •  1 hour ago
Metabolism is a chemical reaction in the body cells that change food into energy. Specific proteins in the body control the chemical reactions of metabolism.

Percentage of chlorophyll in a normal chloroplast
  • a)
    5 - 10%
  • b)
  • c)
    65 - 75%
  • d)
    90 - 95%
Correct answer is option 'A'. Can you explain this answer?

Afifa Aaliya answered  •  1 hour ago
Percentage of a chlorophyll in normal chloroplast is 5 to 10.The concentration of a chlorophyll in a chloroplast is approx 30mM.
So option " A " is correct answer.

Hey how you feel if on frndship day only ur bestii has been break ur frndship?

Swetha L answered  •  2 hours ago
It's like a broken heart , lonely feel
but u want to understand that every time is not benefit and happiness to you.

and someday your true friend will come back in ur life or maybe not

but remember one thing :make ur smile and cry as your bestie that's always gives a warm healing feels

if your friend are really understood you
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