How many stereoisomerism does this molecule have CH3-CH=CH-CH2-CHBr-CH3?

Prachi Singh answered  •  19 minutes ago
Their are 4 stereo isomres in this compound 2 geometrical isomers and 2 optical isomers

Hemozoin is released into blood during the infection of Plasmodium vivax every___.
  • a)
    12 hrs
  • b)
    72 hrs
  • c)
    48 hrs
  • d)
    24 hrs
Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

Arushi Thakur answered  •  1 hour ago
If we talk about normal malaria then its most common symptom are bouts of fever in every 3 days which means that it releases its toxin after every three days hence ans. shoul be 72hrs.

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Expand international Union for conversation of nature?

Santunu Pradhan answered  •  1 hour ago
IUCN is a organization which works for the conservation of animals and plants. There are many categories. IUCN publishe Red Data book and now it is called WCU (world conservation union).

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Which of the following is the strongest acid?
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'A'. Can you explain this answer?

Baby Ghosh answered  •  2 hours ago
Among these compounds....CF3COOH is the most acidic because it has -I effect which means that CF3COOH is the most acidic in nature among theses compounds.So..option A is correct..

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Rearing of fish is known as- (a)apiculture. (b)sericulture. (c)pisciculture. (d)moriculture?

Jananignanamurugan Janan answered  •  2 hours ago
PISCICULTURE-REARING OF FISHES.... apiculture-bee keeping...... sericulture-rearing of silk worms...... moriculture- mulberry cultivation......

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Natural system of classification was proposed by?

Santunu Pradhan answered  •  3 hours ago
Natural system of classification was propesed by Hooker and Bentham

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What is the best books for studying neet 2020 in self study to get 650 marks ?

Yash Kudake answered  •  4 hours ago
Errorless for physics and NCERT for Biology. Physic and Biology ke liye its more than enough!!

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What is the the best for NEET preparation self study or coaching?

Sanjana Singh answered  •  4 hours ago
It's depend on you. ..if you focus than you can do with self study also and with coaching also....but focus not there means everything is waste it's your decision ...if you can do with self study it is best..... otherwise take coaching classes. you know your + point so ... decide yourself...

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