I am looking for a technical cofounder. any ideas where I can find them?

Maryna Bobrovskaya answered  •  Feb 23, 2021
Sure, there are several places where you can find a technical cofounder. For example, some web resources, such as cofounderslab, founders nation, etc. Or at professional conferences. Read this article to learn how to find a technical cofounder: 

I have an idea to change vegetables and fruit market on online platform with different strategies so please inform anyone interested in this startup if you're interested so tell me what can I do for this startup and what can ... more

Smit Sarvaiya answered  •  Oct 24, 2020

please contact me I'm work in this industry food tech startup today and I'm doing so much research, I'm help you if any problem and are you help me if I'm do anything wrong

contact no:- 7984299259

how start a company

Vikas Rana answered  •  Oct 11, 2020
First of all it is very important to know what kind of service/product are you going to deliver to the what type of customer.
You have to identify the market, suppose if you are creating a product to sell it to the luxurious people then your market will be those persons who are living with luxury, therefore it is better to know your market and importantly your product/service.
Then you s
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What is Sartup enterpeniorship?

Lêmøñ Lèmôñ answered  •  Oct 10, 2020
¶¶тнє ѕтαятυρ єηтяєρяєηєυяѕнιρ ѕρє¢ιαℓιzαтιση ƒσ¢υѕєѕ ση ιѕѕυєѕ σƒ ιηησναтιση, ¢яєαтινιту αη∂ єηтяєρяєηєυяѕнιρ. ιт ℓєα∂ѕ тнє ѕтυ∂єηтѕ тняσυgн тнє єηтιяє ρяσ¢єѕѕ σƒ ¢яєαтιηg α ѕтαят-υρ ƒяσм αη ι∂єα.

ραят σηє ∂єαℓѕ ωιтн ι∂єαѕ, αη∂ тнє ¢яєαтινє ιмαgιηαтιση: ∂ιѕ¢σνєяιηg ηєω ι∂єαѕ, ηєω ρяσ∂υ¢тѕ, ηєω ѕєяνι¢єѕ, ηєω αη∂ вєттєя ωαуѕ тσ ∂σ αℓмσѕт αηутнιηg.

ραят тωσ ƒσ¢υѕєѕ ση нσω тσ вυ
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Abhi . answered  •  Sep 23, 2020
I didn't get you are you saying you want to start a business to manufacture cards , chips like visa/mastercard (or) want to supply the cards..

How does employees of companies like Amazon and flipkart connected with the company during its starting period?

Abhi . answered  •  Sep 23, 2020
Directly. as in the starting stage there'll be no barriers so every idea matters .

Which is the fastest and cheapest logistic company?

Abhi . answered  •  Sep 23, 2020
If you have started to day then it'll be.


Roshan Manohar answered  •  Aug 15, 2020
Innovation obviously helps but not the only thing of going success and I also prefer you to make some research on top performing startups in India which were the similar ideas working in many countries.
But the only thing is it's quite risky part on betting against the similar startups which were already gained stability.
Never give up. Good day :)
Feel free to ask
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Roshan Manohar answered  •  Aug 07, 2020
Absolutely an excellent idea to proceed as an entrepreneur
And secondly not following same routine crowd doing errors in name of innovation.
You can absolutely do well in coming days if you are aware of marketing and scaling up
And I was glad to share this with you that I was also planning the similar kind
So if you are interested we can have the further discussion
Text me
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Can we not get funding for a startup which is not a service to get cistomers first but a manufacturing startup to get prototype devloped first

Roshan Manohar answered  •  Aug 05, 2020
I personally feel, it'll be a extreme tough task.
It'll be really phenomenal if happened.
But miracles can happen at any moment.
Keep trying. All the best :)

What are the methods of marketing to be used by a app based regional start up for small cities? keeping in mind minimal cost & greater reach to potential clients.

Roshan Manohar answered  •  Aug 05, 2020
Your Local Pages.
There will be a regional page for your area or the city.
As your product or service is an application based, targeting customer should also be an currently app user and self updated.
So primarily focus on gatherings on social media mainly of local audience (ex: regional groups and pages on facbook, groups in watsapp)
Those will be your target audience further.
... more

Is there anyone who knows about software fit for e-learning business

Shubham Dupare answered  •  Jul 18, 2020
Yes if you want to know more about it. We can connect and discuss your ideas. Message me on 7030543619 whstapp

I require guidance for my startup e-commerce platform, anyone have experience in this field?

Shubham Dupare answered  •  Jul 18, 2020
I have experience in this field, i was web developer. Digital marketer and other things were also handled. If you are really interested i can help you setup your business. Lets connect then you can message me on 7030543619

How can I start my ecommerce startup?

Shubham Dupare answered  •  Jul 18, 2020
Depends on various things. But mainly if you want to start your ecommerce you need to register your business first only then you can start it. You can register as sole proprietorship, llp, or pvt ltd etc. Then depending on your type of ecommerce business like there are many different ways to do ecommerce dropshipping, amazon fba, etc if you want to know more in details i have to know whats in your... more

Need a co-founder for a startup, who can help me to create a website and a Android application?

Animesh Mishra answered  •  Jul 12, 2020
Hey I can help you with one .Connect me at 8127630110 . My friend is a high end techie and he already has 5 interns working with him

I have an idea for startup but i don't know how and where to start. Can someone help?

Tushar Singh answered  •  Jul 09, 2020
Hey, connect with me. I'll help as I'm looking for people to work on startup... u can connect me on :- https://www.linkedin.com/in/imtusr

Advantage and disadvantage of partnership in new start up ? Need suggestions regarding to partnership for small scale business?

Bala Gva answered  •  Jul 03, 2020
Advantage: you will have a companion, a support who also facing same problem And focus on solution. Which will give you confidence, low stress and you will have always to someone to discuss your ideas and problems even at midnight 3.a.m. for no cost. a partner is also a worker who can work anytime, holidays, day and night, travels, getting clients and customers, doing sales, being housekeeper, dri... more
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