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Direction: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:
There are 8 friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. They are from two different colleges and two different cities. In two different colleges there are different courses. From both colleges and cities equal members are there. They are all sitting around the round table facing the centre with equal distances between each other (but not necessarily in the same order). In that 8 friends there are 5 boys and 3 girls. In sitting arrangement at least one person of same college or same city sit beside a person. A and D are doing same courses. E is sitting right to D. C and B sit together. H and B are from same city. C and F are from same college. D is the girlfriend of G but from different city. Between C and D two persons are sitting. A and C are from different college and different city. Lovers sits together. Between B and H, a person sits. Different city member is sitting after one person of E. H and G are from same college. A sit after one person left to C. A girl is sitting after one person of D. No two girls sit together. If F will marry he will marry only girls. B sits where two persons sitting beside are either from same college are from same city.
Q. How many minimum members are sitting in between A and C. who are they?
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Adithya Sathwik answered  •  yesterday

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In how many countries (with their names) Amazon rainforest is being spread ?

Vishal Chourasiya answered  •  2 weeks ago
Nine countries share the Amazon basin—most of the rainforest, 58.4%, is contained within the borders of Brazil. The other eight countries include Peru with 12.8%, Bolivia with 7.7%, Colombia with 7.1%, Venezuela with 6.1%, Guyana with 3.1%, Suriname with 2.5%, French Guyana with 1.4%, and Ecuador with 1%.

What is natural vegitation ?

Vishal Chourasiya answered  •  2 weeks ago
NATURAL VEGITATION means the plants that have not been grown by humans. It doesn’t need help from humans and gets whatever it needs from its natural ENVIRONMENT. There is a close RELATIONSHIP between height of land and the character of VEGITATION. With the change in height, the CLIMATE changes and that changes NATURAL VEGITATION.

how to prepare ibps po/clerk examination where should be start

Mayur Chaudhari answered  •  2 weeks ago
Don't call anyone.
just give any one free test. Then analyse it. Clear concept of those topics in which you are not able to solve the questions from youtube and unacademy. 
practice questions from gradeup, cracku ahd edurev topic wise practice.
follow these educators on unacademy
reasoning - ankush lamba sir, quant - aashis arora sir english - sakshi pawa ma'am current affairs- follow weekly tests on edurev and follow kapil kathpal sir unacademy

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