Find angle between the minute and hour hand of the clock when hour hand is at 3 and minute hand is at 2?
  • a)
    45 degrees
  • b)
    30 degrees
  • c)
    50 degrees
  • d)
    35 degrees
Correct answer is option 'D'. Can you explain this answer?

Krishan Kumar answered  •  59 minutes ago
Time = 3:10
In 1 hour angle covered by hour hand is 30 degrees.
Angle covered by hour hand in 19/6 hours = 19/6 × 30 = 95 degree
Angle covered by minute hand in 1 minute = 6 degree
Angle covered by minute hand in 10 minutes = 6 × 10 = 60 degree
Required angle = 95 – 60 = 35 degrees
Hence, ‘35 degrees’ is the correct alternative.
Miss Chahal asked   •  8 hours ago

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