A positively charged particles (alpha particles) projected towards west is deflected toward north by magnetic field. Find the direction of the magnetic field.state the law which is used to find the direction of the magnetic f... more

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Since the positively charged particle is projected towards west, so the direction of current is towards west. Now the deflection is towards north, so the force is towards north.
According to Fleming's Left Hand Rule, if centre finger points in the direction of current (west), thumb points in the direction of force (north), then forefinger points in the direction of magnetic field (upwards). Thus, the magnetic field is in upward direction.

What is the basic difference between Goal and Target?

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Definitions of Goals and Targets:
• A goal can be defined as the primary ambition that people cherish time and again to achieve.
• The word target can be defined as an aim in general, and it has the figurative meaning of ‘distance’ or ‘mark.’

• It is through the achievement of targets that one can reach his goal.

• It is difficult to achieve a goal, without targets.

• An individual can have many targets, but only a single goal in life.

• Targets have to be directed towards something; this direction is provided by the goal.

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