There are 8 houses in a line and in each house, only one boy lives with the conditions as given below:
1. Jack is not the neighbour of Siman.
2. Harry is just next to the left of Larry.
3. There is at least one to the left of Larry.
4. Paul lives in one of the two houses in the middle.
5. Mike lives in between Paul and Larry.
Question: If at least one lives to the right of Robert and Harry is not between Taud and Larry, then which one of the following statements is not correct?
  • a)
    Robert is not at the left end.
  • b)
    Robert is in between Siman and Taud.
  • c)
    Taud is in between Paul and Jack.
  • d)
    There are three persons to the right of Paul.
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

POORVANSHI JAIN answered  •  yesterday
We have totally 8 people.Jack, Harry, Larry, Paul, Mike, Siman, Robert and Taud.
Main condition : Paul occupies one of the 2 middle seats
1_, 2_ ,3_ ,4_ ,5_, 6_, 7_, 8_. : So 5th or 4th is occupied by him.
So remaining 6 seats are there.
Now lets take larry into consideration.It is said that harry sits to the immediate left of larry and also they have told that there can be atleast one person next to larry(so it means,the clue here is there is one more person to the left of larry after harry).
So now the confusion is what are the seats occupied by the three people.
Lets assume that larry has occupied 3rd seat and so harry will take up 2nd seat and one more person will be there after harry.
This person can be Robert or Taud or jack or Siman.
To select among these options we go for trial and error method using the options A,B,C,D
The first option : Robert is there at the left end.
There is a possibility for this option to be true. So we eliminate it.
The second: Robert is in between Siman and Taud.
This is also possible
Third: Taud is in between Paul and Jack
This is not possible .
If taud is in between paul and jack then
R H L M P T J S ⇒ this is wrong because jack and siman cannot be together.
S H L M P T J S ⇒ this is also wrong because as per condition “atleast one person should be there to the right of robert”

So the correct answer is C.

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