Give your introduction in French?

Mariyam Fatima answered  •  Aug 29, 2020
Bonjour j'ampelle Mariyam / Marf . J ' ai deux ans . J ' ai ans fr`ere ans souier . J'habitue Delhi GHAZIABAD

What is the benefit of learning french language?

Saya Thokchom answered  •  Aug 06, 2020
From the time we know how to speak we are speaking our mother tongue that is our common language and as we grew up, we learn different types of languages like english and hindi. As we start learning new languages we can communicate with other people more frankly than before and also it increases our vocabulary and our learning skills. The benefit of learning French language is very useful for us... more

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What do we say fruits in French ?

Riya Jajoo answered  •  May 19, 2020
Banana is called 'la banane' ie the banana(La is used because banane ends with e) Orange is called 'une orange'

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Anita Pandey answered  •  Feb 07, 2020
Je suis assez bon.
Je suis- I'm
Assez Bon- good enough or pretty good.
or to say I'm fine use "Je vais bien" or Ça va bien.

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What is the physical state of water at 100 degree Celsius ?

Âŕjüñ Śhäřmâ answered  •  Oct 30, 2019
It can be liquid as well as in gaseous form also on 100 degree Celsius because the it is the tempereture at which a liquid starts boiling.

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Why there is une fleur has a une indefinite article it has no e in its end?

Mehreen Saaliha answered  •  Sep 24, 2019
While there are words ending with -e that is considered as feminine in French, all the feminine words need not have -e in its ending. You could rely on the following clue to understand that ''fleur'' is a feminine word; Words ending with -eur are feminine. 
Hope it has cleared your question. 

Conjucation of verb être?

Sameer Bansal answered  •  Sep 22, 2019
Je suis

tu es

il est

elle est

nous sommes

vous etes

ils sont

elles sont

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