Business Basics

Nature of business environment ?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 10, 2021
Definition of Business Environment is sum or collection of all internal and external factors such as employees, customers needs and expectations, supply and demand, management, clients, suppliers, owners, activities by government, innovation in technology, social trends, market trends, economic changes, etc. These factors affect the function of the company and how a company works directly or indir... more

Explain the features of business ?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 09, 2021
Features of Business:

There are five broad features of business:

Dealings in goods and services: Business deals with goods and services. Goods are divided into consumer goods like bread, butter, shoes, shirt etc. and producer goods like machinery, tools, equipment etc. It also deals with services like transport, banking, insurance etc.

Continuity and regularity in
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Discuss the 5 variables that are delt with in macroeconomics?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 09, 2021
Macroeconomic variables: GDP, public expenditures (G), overall taxes (T), private consumption (C), savings and investment (I), balance of payments (exports, X, and imports, IM), and aggregated price level (p), which is used to predict the protein deficiency line (z). The fiscal deficit (T-G) is financed by an increase in domestic financial liabilities (ΔM), and the current account deficit (X-M) ha... more

Define business environment?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 09, 2021
The term 'business environment' connotes external forces, factors and institutions that are beyond the control of the business and they affect the functioning of a business enterprise. These include customers, competitors, suppliers, government, and the social, political, legal and technological factors

Financial management ?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 09, 2021
Financial management refer to the statergic planning, organizing , directing and controlling of financial undertaking is an organization or an institute. includes applying management principles to the financial assets of an organisation, while also playing an important part in fiscal management.

Define Induction ?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 07, 2021
Induction is the process of introducing a new employees to the company culture and process with the aim of bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible as well as making them fill socially comfortable and aware of their proffesional responsibility.

Executive recruiters are also called?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Apr 07, 2021
A headhunter often called an executive recruiter , is an individual or company hire an employer to recruit talent for an open role

What is the maximum rate of cgst prescribed under cgst act 2017?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Mar 11, 2021
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What is marginal rate of substitution?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Mar 07, 2021
In economics, marginal rate of substitution is the rate at which a consumer can give up some amount OF one good in exchange for another good while maintaining same level of utility . at equibrium consumption level,
marginal rate of substitution are identical. the marginal rate of substitution is one of the three factors from marginal productivity , the others being marginal rate of transform
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Part of business communication ?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Mar 07, 2021
Business communication is process which involves the transmission and accurate replication of ideas endured by feedback for the purpose of eliciting action which will accomplish organazational goals . communication is the process by we exchange meaning, facts, emotions, ideas and opinions with other people it is an essential condition of our existence and the most important activity of ours. ... more

What is menaldim asiatant?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Mar 07, 2021
Social assistant is a mentalist app with nothing to hide. literally the screen never leaves the spectator s side . make predictions , prove the power of chance ,or even perform accans ,book test ,star signs divination and so much more!

The Indian Institute of Science is located at:
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
    New Delhi
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Mar 07, 2021
It's located in Banglore , in the Indian state of Karnataka . the institute established in 1909 with active support from jamsetji TATA and thus is also known as the tata institute ". this institute is public research university ,and directer is govindan rangarajan.

When does an agreement to sell become a sale as per the provisions of Sale Of Goods Act, 1930:__

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Feb 16, 2021
An agreement to,sell becomes a sale when the time elapses or the conditions are fulfilled subject to which the property in the goods is to be transferred . 5. contract of sale how made .-(1) A. contract of sale is made by offered to buy or sale goods for a price and the acceptance of such offer.

What is the human resource development?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Feb 16, 2021
Human resource development is the framework for helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge and abilities.

What is business entity concept?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Feb 16, 2021
The business entity concept States that the business is separate from the owner of the business. therefore the accounting records for even the simplest business ,the sole trader , must be kept separate from the personal affairs of the owner of owners.

Characteristics of management?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 12, 2021
1) goal oriented 2)pervasive3) multi diamesional 4) group activities 5) dynamite function 6) intagible Force 7) continuing process

Where is the headquarters of Oil and Natural Gas Commission?
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'A'. Can you explain this answer?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 12, 2021
Correct answer deharadun causes ,oil and natural gas Corporation is an Indian multinational oil and gas company earlier head quarter in dehradun ,uttherkhand India. as a corporation it's registration office is now at deendayal urja Bhawan, vasant kulkarni, Delhi 110070.india.

Who discovered proton Rutherford or Goldstein?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 05, 2021
Ernest rutherford (1917-1920) e. Goldstein in (1886) discovered exitantance of positively charged rays in the discharge tube by using perforated cathode these ray were named as cannel rays

Profit maximisation is?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 05, 2021
Profit maximazation is assumed to be the dominant goal of a typical firm, this means selling a quality of a good or service ,or fixing a price ,where total revenue is as it's greatest above total cost . profit is maximized at q, with the area of super normal profit.

What is accunting?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 05, 2021
Accounting is all about the prosses that help to record,summerize,analyze and report data that concerns financial transactions

Role of consumer organization includes?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 05, 2021
Consumer organisation are played a major role in encouraging consumers to raise their voice against faulty and inferior produc. helping education institution and ngo

Is miscellaneous expenses a liability?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Jan 05, 2021
No, Miscellaneous expanses are the incidental expanses which cannot be classified as manufacturing, selling, and administrative expanses.

Collateral transactions to an illegal agreements do not become void?

Anita Jagtap answered  •  Dec 27, 2020
An illegal agreement is not only void as between the immediate parties it has further effect that even the collateral transactions to it becomes tainted with illegality

explain the political role of in unification and nationalism of different countries

Rwishina answered  •  Oct 10, 2020
Nationalism is an idea and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation (as in a group of people),[1] especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation's sovereignty (self-governance) over its homeland. Nationalism holds that each nation should govern itself, free from outside interference (self-determination), that a nation is a natural and ideal basis for a polity[2] a... more

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Pooja Saini answered  •  Oct 07, 2020
Extraordinarily motivated people are driven to go above and beyond; they are trusted by others, focused and have great confidence in their own abilities. They dream of endless possibilities, and tend to be extremely satisfied with their lives.

Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things. The topic of self-motivatio
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How do Bitcoins work?

Pulkita Singh answered  •  Aug 31, 2020
Each Bitcoin is basically a computer file which is stored in a 'digital wallet' app on a smartphone or computer. People can send Bitcoins (or part of one) to your digital wallet, and you can send Bitcoins to other people. Every single transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain
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