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Do the components of positive lifestyle help in leading a healthy life discuss in detail?

Heal You answered  •  Oct 24, 2019
1) Healthy diet =A healthy diet and good nutrients is one of the main components of a positive lifestyle. It is also beneficial to minimize the saturated fats and food laden with sugar and salt.

2) Physical Activity = Physical activity or exercise is another vital component of positive lifestyle. Regular physical exercises are needed to maintain a healthy weigh and to enhance strength and flexibility of the body.

3) Stress Management = Stress management is also a significant component of positive lifestyle. Stress can be manage properly through meditation and relaxation techniques only.

Different sources of working capital ?

Lovisha Chillana answered  •  Jun 24, 2019
1. Loans from Commercial Banks:
Small-scale enterprises can raise loans from the commercial banks with or without security. This method of financing does not require any legal formality except that of creating a mortgage on the assets. Loan can be paid in lump sum or in parts. The short-term loans can also be obtained from banks on the personal security of the directors of a country.
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