What is our National Animal?
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

Class 5 Question

By Varsha Akolkar · Jul 28, 2019 ·Class 5
188 Answers
Bhutto Ram answered Jun 24, 2019

Jatin Deshwal answered Aug 30, 2019

Sarthak Singh answered Apr 09, 2020

Krishna Dhruw answered Jul 29, 2019

Shoba Kumar answered Apr 09, 2020

Ruvaida Reyaz answered Mar 20, 2020
Tiger is the national animal of India

Omnitrex Dip answered Nov 20, 2019
B tiger

Anurita Devi answered Jan 19, 2020
Tiger is our national animal

Ankit Kumar answered Jun 08, 2020
Tiger is our nation animal

Hargun Anand answered Mar 28, 2020
Tiger is the right ans because it rules the jungle

Gopal Harsha answered May 30, 2020

Navin Sports answered May 18, 2020
Tiger is a right answer

Zeeshan Raza answered Apr 19, 2020

Kishor Kumar K. answered May 21, 2020
Correct answer is tiger

Virendra Jha answered May 26, 2020
Tiger will be the answer

Mohd Sakib answered Apr 09, 2020
A) lion

Seanna Rodrigues answered Feb 29, 2020
B Tiger as it is the national animal

Drishti Bag answered Apr 13, 2020
Tiger is our national bird.

Sam Malhotra answered May 04, 2020
The national animal was tigey

Nutan Devi answered Apr 08, 2020

Trapti Chawla answered Jun 04, 2020
Lion is right

Sunita Pritam answered Apr 09, 2020
The Tiger as theNational Animal of India symbolizes the power, strength, elegance, alertness, intelligence and endurance of the nation. It has been chosen as the National animaldue to its grace,strength, agility and enormous power. It is found throughout the country except in the north-western region.

Mamta Kaushik answered May 23, 2020
बहुत पहले हमारा नेशनल एनिमल लायन था और उसके बाद टाइगर हो गया

Saloni Kumari answered Sep 19, 2019
B tiger is the national animal it has chosen as national animal due to its grace strength agility it is found throughout the country except north western region

Moirangthem Bita answered 2 weeks ago
The combination of stamina, strength and tremendous power has made the tiger as the national animal of India

Aryan Khara answered Apr 08, 2020
is our national animal

Gunjan Devi answered May 05, 2020
Answer is TIGER

Vyomkesh Ray answered Aug 30, 2019
Bengal tiger

Millo Kanya answered May 14, 2020
Tiger and it is also a endangered animal.

Vijayta Dhaundiyal answered Apr 26, 2020
Tiger are the correct answer

Vijay Rathva answered Apr 29, 2020
Tiger is our national animal

Revanth Kruti Chand answered May 14, 2020
Bengal tiger is our national animal

Priyanka Upadhyay answered Apr 30, 2020
Because tiger is very powerful and he was vehicle of Maa Durga

Tanaji Taktode answered Jun 15, 2020
Tiger is our National Animal because of his power strength and elegance intelligence and endurance of the nations

Ggeetha Rani answered Apr 08, 2020