How a women get pregnant?

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By Ashvin Malani · Jul 03, 2019 ·Class 8
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Muskan Sahu answered Oct 24, 2019
By the process of fertilisation.The first step in the process of fertilisation in human beings is the fusion of a sperm and an ovum ( egg).Millions of sperm are released into the female body out of which only one of the sperms may fuse with egg.Such fusion of the egg and sperms is called fertilisation.During fertilisation ,the nucleus of the sperm and the egg fuse to form a single nucleus. The zygote thus formed is the beginning of a new individual.

Alishka Sharma answered Oct 25, 2019
By fertilisation

Akshat Bhatt answered Dec 23, 2019
By the process of fertilisation.

Aditya Chandan answered Feb 25, 2020
Your answer is right

Monika Riya answered Dec 27, 2019
It is due to process of fertilisation

Krishna Kashyap answered Dec 24, 2019
A women gets pregnant after doing fertilization.

Inshiya Fakhri answered Jan 06, 2020
By the process of fertilization

the first step in the process of reproduction is the fusion of a sperm and ovum. For this to happen millions of sperm from the male are transferred into the female body. The sperm swim in the Oviduct with the help of their tails to reach the egg . when they come in contact with the egg , one of the sperm may fuse with egg. such fusion or the egg and the sperm is called fertilization. during, fertilization, the nuclei of the sperm and the egg fuse to form a single nucleus. This results is the formation of a fertilized egg or zygote.

Sarthak Singh answered 3 weeks ago
By fertilisation

Hariom Gupta answered Dec 24, 2019

Anil Malgewar answered yesterday
The women get pregnant by the process of fertilization. when the male sperm enters into female ovum the fertilization will occur

Pc Talreja answered Dec 23, 2019
The women gets pregnant by fertilisation.

Bhanu Pratap Yadav answered Jan 06, 2020
A women gets pregnant because of sex with a male gender. Sex involves the fusion of male and female gamete which fuse to develop a single nuclei called the zygote. After some days the zygote divides repeatedly forming the development of embryo. The stage in which all parts of the baby can be identified is known as Foetus. After 9 months, the women gives birth to the young ones.

Usually in India, the activity of sex happens between male and female after their weddind. This is called Suhaagraat.

Jack Wilson answered Nov 22, 2019
The answer is fermentation

Asari Kismat answered 3 weeks ago
A women get convinced or pregnant by the process of fertilization. In man the testis produces sperms (these sperms are in a form of semen liquid form) in women the sperms are introduced by penis in the female body through vagina. The millions of sperms are enter through vagina. But only one sperm fuse with the egg .The sperm are pass through the uterus and reach to oviducts or Fallopian tube at the same time ovaries start releasing an egg but only one sperm fuses with the egg the tail of the sperm help in moving . The fusion of nuclei of sperm and egg is called fertilization. As a result of fertilization a single nucleus fertilised egg is formed which is called zygote. when this zygote embedded in the uterus then the mother to be said pragnent or conceived.

Sonali Kumari answered Feb 14, 2020
The sperm which is a male gamete fuses with female gamete ovum and then a zygote is formed. a woman is said to be pregnant

Panchali Dhar answered Jul 03, 2019
By fermantation

Pranjali Raha answered Jan 09, 2020
The answer is fertilisation

Åbhï Ssharma answered Jan 09, 2020
BY the fermantation

Arun Kumar answered Jan 02, 2020
When sperms and zygote get fused then fertilization takes place ,then a woman be pregnend

Vinay Bannur answered Dec 26, 2019
By the process of fertilization

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