Who invented the clinical thermomter and when?

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By Ayush Golu · Jul 21, 2019 ·Class 7
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Sreyash Suyigya answered Jul 21, 2019
In 1866,Sir Clifford Allbutt(1836-1925) invented the clinical thermometer that produce a body temperature reading in five minutes as opposed of twenty..

Ramanand Yadav answered 2 weeks ago
The more modern thermometer was invented in 1709 by Daniel Fahrenheit. it was an enclosed glass tube that had a numerical scale, called the Fahrenheit scale. they early version of this thermometer contained alcohol and in 1714 Fahrenheit developed a mercury thermometer using the same scale.

Sakshi answered Jul 21, 2019
Thomas albutt

Ayush Golu answered Jul 21, 2019
Sir thomas albutt

Jayanthi Jayanthi answered 2 weeks ago
The Clinical Thermometer
Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt (20 July 1836 – 22 February 1925) was an English physician best known for his role as commissioner for lunacy in England and Wales 1889-1892, president of the British Medical Association 1920, inventing the clinical thermometer, and supporting Sir William Osler in founding the History of Medicine Society.

Clifford Allbutt
Thomas Clifford Allbutt.jpg
20 July 1836
Dewsbury, Yorkshire
22 February 1925 (aged 88)
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Known for
clinical thermometer
Scientific career
University of Cambridge

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