Which is easier psychology or political science class 11 cbse? Pls reply fast?

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Tata answered Sep 23, 2019
Political science is easy.. . .. .. as most of arts student had told me that and also felt that .. because there is one page ans. for one marks question of psychology. .. so if u have a capacity to learn that much and to write that much so for u psychology can be easy. . and if u have knowledge of politics than politics is easy

Bisma Khan answered Oct 20, 2019
First of all every subject has its own importance according to our interests and asking what subject easy is really making our interest down to the point that it requires less hardwork to study .. so opt what your interest demands to you not to the opinions describing what is easy and what is hard . best of luck for the bes

Rachel Gupta answered Oct 20, 2019
I believe none of the both subjects are easy or difficult. Both of the subjects are very different compared to eachother and offer different knowledge about there topics. Psychology if you are interested and are always amazed by the magic of mind, behaviour,people and how our body, thoughts,feelings and emotions are all connected to why we do what we do, would be the most loved subject of yours. Political Science is the science of the politics, the people, the Govt, the laws and our country. Since ours is the biggest democracy, I personally feel studying political science as relating something to what I see, listen and get to know about the day-to-day happenings in our country. You need to "feel" the subjects to get to know them at their best. Don't have this concrete thought of just finding out which subject is easy and which is tough or for whom we have to write bigger answers. Go for knowledge, grab most of everything. Change your approach to how you see subjects and how you want to study them. Enjoy these subjects. Personally, atleast this is what I feel Humanities Students are capable of- Loving and Enjoying their subjects. Relating them to their day to day life. So again, psycholgy and political science are neither difficult nor easy.
Thank you.

Nivedita Subramaniam answered Oct 18, 2019
I'm doing my 12th now and have taken up psychology...Personally I don't like political science...I feel psychology is easy if you understand and read...There are few dry chapters but it's an interesting subject as a whole!!! The answers for 4,5 and 6 markers are quite lengthy...But it's in the individual's hand in cropping the answer and writing the needed points...As long as the main required points are there in the answer it'll fetch you marks....And as per the latest information we've got 1 marker questions are MCQ types which makes scoring marks easier!!! Can go for psychology!!!

Pratik Das answered Oct 25, 2019
Intrest makes the main difference. If some one is intrested in psychology, then obviously for him/her psychology will become easy. Thus intrest in something is the main thing. But as my opinion political science is easier than psychology.

Mandeep Singh answered Oct 21, 2019
Psychology is easy than political science. i have both so in comparision to political science psychology is easy

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