Who is blodymeri?

Class 5 Question

By Kitty Roy · Oct 20, 2019 ·Class 5
7 Answers
Monika Nehra answered Oct 21, 2019
Blodymeri is ghost

Vama Shah answered Nov 28, 2019
Hey it's a bloody mary...and yah she's a ghost!!

Jasmin Shiekh answered Nov 26, 2019
It is bloody Mary not blodymeri, by the way she is a ghost!!!

Beastboy Shub answered Apr 05, 2020
Bloody Mary was the queen of England

Ramlakhan Singh answered Apr 05, 2020
 Bloody marry is a ghost

Lakhan Samariya answered Nov 27, 2019
Blodymeri is ghost

Sonu Narwal answered Nov 27, 2019
Blody meri is not a ghost.. .. . she was an women. .. it's all fake about her..

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