What is the main ore of aluminium?

Class 10 Question

By Shubham Kumar · Nov 21, 2019 ·Class 10
23 Answers
Harshit Agrawal answered Dec 06, 2019
Bauxite is the main ore of aluminium

Mahek Biswas answered Apr 22, 2020
Bauxite is your answer

Sony Anto answered Jan 22, 2020
The answer is Bauxite.

Alishka Sharma answered Jan 28, 2020
Bauxite is the main ore of aluminium plz like it

Ravi Ranjan answered Nov 22, 2019
Bauxite, a major aluminium ore.

Hariom Gupta answered Dec 31, 2019

Sakshi answered Nov 22, 2019

Dayaram Chauhan answered Apr 22, 2020
BAUXITE, a major aluminium ore . The red - brown colour due to the presence of iron oxide minerals.

Keshav Chaudhary answered Apr 22, 2020

Dikchen Goperma answered Nov 23, 2019
The main ore of aluminium is bauxite.

Ravi Kumar answered Nov 21, 2019
Attached to aluminium

Adithya Shasan answered Dec 31, 2019
Bauxite is the ore of Aluminium..

Purvanshi Chaudhary answered Jan 28, 2020
"Bauxite"is main ore of Alluminium

Vemula Ravi answered Jan 27, 2020
Bauxite is the main ore of aluminum

Saloni Subba answered Nov 23, 2019
Bauxite is right answer

R.k Verma answered Jan 27, 2020

Amichand Seema answered Dec 30, 2019
Bauxite is the correct answer

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