What is the function of lens in eye.?

Class 10 Question

By Ami Ami · Jan 06, 2020 ·Class 10
6 Answers
Nirmal Kumar answered Jan 06, 2020
Function of lens in eye It focuses the light rays which passes through it on retina to form image

Keshav Chaudhary answered Jan 11, 2020
The lens is located in the eye. By changing its shape, the lens changes the focal distance of the eye. In other words, it focuses the light rays that pass through it (and onto the retina) in order to create clear images of objects that are positioned at various distances.

Ujjwal Gupta answered Jan 06, 2020
Adjusting the ciliary muscle and form the image on the retina.

Indu Soni answered Jan 07, 2020

Shara Khan answered Jan 06, 2020
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Prince Singh answered Jan 14, 2020
The function of eye lens is to converse the rays of light on the retina coming from the object because eye lens is a convex lens and convex lens always converses the rays of light.

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