XII History and Political notes any budy wants contact to me?

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Ahmed Mahdi answered May 21, 2020
I need Political Science notes

Mansi Raghuwanshi answered May 18, 2020
Sir notes of both subjects I want

Sweashdhi Meher answered May 18, 2020
Hiiii....i have the notes

Pankaj Pandey answered May 18, 2020
Sir history

Merxy Yt answered Aug 08, 2020
Sir me too I need. How will I contact you?

Neha {arts} answered Aug 24, 2020
I need notes ASAP

Sawar Nawaz answered Jul 12, 2020
I need 11th political notes

Shradha answered Sep 05, 2020
I also need

Rohan Narwal answered Sep 24, 2020
For all chapters
or 1 or 2 Chapters

Bhat Sayar answered Jul 25, 2020
Sir i need history notes

Diya Nimavat answered Sep 14, 2020
Sir, I need political science notes of class 12

Sunita Raika answered Aug 28, 2020
History notes

『ʝh02』 Royal answered Jun 19, 2020
I want sir

Khushi Malik answered Sep 04, 2020
I also want

Babli Chauhan answered May 18, 2020
Sir please

Tiksha Meena answered Jul 13, 2020
I need history notes of class 12th

Mehak Khubber answered Aug 18, 2020
# notes of history

Kuljit Kaur answered Jul 20, 2020
Me too

Sourav Kumar answered 4 weeks ago
I have notes..just message me

Ranibala Wahengbam answered Sep 03, 2020
Sir.... I want... it... pliz

Jyotirmoyee Ghosh answered Aug 04, 2020
here's the link.. if you need

Mrinali Kumari answered Sep 06, 2020
Sir notes of both the subjects.

Taring Jumsi answered Jul 21, 2020
I want notes of political science.

Najmin Nehar answered Aug 02, 2020
Sir history

Gaming With Mayank answered Aug 16, 2020

Mukti Pandey answered Sep 07, 2020
Which chapter????

Shaziya Mehmood answered 4 weeks ago
Sir plz give me notes

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