Full form of army?

Class 10 Question

By Annu Saharan · Jan 19, 2020 ·Class 10
18 Answers
Akshat Bhatt answered Jan 22, 2020
Alert Regular Mobility Young !!!!

Pankaj Pandey answered Jan 19, 2020
The popular backronym for ARMY is:
→Alert Regular Mobility Young ..... according to Google

Anil Shirsath answered Jan 20, 2020

R:- regular


Y:- young

Guddu Yadav answered Jan 19, 2020
Alert Regular mobility young

Raiyan Zaib answered Jan 19, 2020
An army (from Latin armata, “armed, armed force”) is an organized military force equipped for fighting on land.

heir fans are now officially called A.R.M.Y (아미) which stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. They also explained the significant meaning behind it. ARMY is military in English, the body armor and military are always together, so it means that the fans will always be together with the Bangtan Boys

Adithya Shasan answered Jan 19, 2020
Alert Regular Mobility Young

Sakshi answered Mar 30, 2020
Alert regular mobility young..

Moolraj Pathak answered Mar 30, 2020
Army is not logically an acronym.
Army is short of Armed Forces.
Hope it helps!

Sameer Diwan answered Jan 19, 2020
→Alert Regular Mobility Young ye habit sab me hona chaiye

Sanjana Singh answered Jan 19, 2020
Adorable representative M.C.s of youth is the full form of army. par full form Mai Kya rakha hai iss word se ek alag hi feeling aati hai bahot strong word hai yeh.

Sumith Sharma answered Apr 17, 2020
ARMY - " Alert Regular Mobility Young "

Nandana Anil answered Feb 21, 2020
Alert Regular Mobility Young is the full form of ARMY

Deva Arli answered Apr 16, 2020
Any time really mobility young

Ammu Baby answered Mar 22, 2020
A-aaram nhi
R-raath ko neendh nhi
M-mout se dar nhi
Y-yehi to h army

Indu Soni answered Feb 24, 2020
Alert Regular Mobility Young.

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