What's ilbert bill?

Class 8 Question

By Jasmin Shiekh · Feb 13, 2020 ·Class 8
5 Answers
Akshat Bhatt answered Feb 16, 2020
In 1883, the Ilbert Bill was introduced which gave Indian judges the power to hear cases against European, by the then Viceroy Lord Ripon and Sir Courtenay Ilbert, the legal advisor to the Council of India. But there was a huge outcry against this bill from Britishers in India and in Britain. Arguments made against this bill displayed the deep racial prejudice the English had for Indians. This also exposed the true nature of British colonialism to the educated Indians.

Thor Oddin answered Feb 13, 2020
The Ilbert Bill was a bill introduced in 1883 during the Viceroyship of the Marquess of Ripon, which was written by Sir Courtenay Peregine Ilbert. According to this act, Indian judges could try Europeans. Marathon discussion with Sir CP Ilbert to change the act, thereby favouring the Indians.

Savage Ashu answered Feb 16, 2020
Illbert bill meant that Indian judges can try the people of British nationality, Unlike the earlier time, when Indian magistrates could not solve the cases related to the Britishers..

Nagaraja Hurakadli Shiva answered Feb 16, 2020
It is an act

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