Red tide is caused by
a) Noctiluca
b) Gymnodinium
d) All of these
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

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By Jagjit Singh · Feb 27, 2020 ·NEET
31 Answers
Yashudev Yadav answered Feb 27, 2020
According to ncert option b right but according to reference books option b,c both right

Sanjana Singh answered Feb 27, 2020
Gymnodinium and gonyaulax is also a form of dinoflagellates which are able to form blooms most commonly called red tides and produce toxin which affect human health , fishes and other marine organisms.

Reena Shrivastava answered 2 days ago
We should consider it as option B since NCERT says it and nothing more important than NCERT in neet

Tanvi Dear answered 2 weeks ago
NCERT jindabaad !! answer toh b nd c dono h lekin we have to prefer ncert must . so uh only remember about option b (Gonyaulax)

India Best answered 2 weeks ago
Its option b according to ncert.

Gonyaulax ,a dinoflagellate causes red tides.It releases toxins which are harmful to fishes

Asmita Nikam answered 3 weeks ago
Gynodinium is a genus of dinoflagellates, a type of marine and freshwater planktons

Aisha Mohiuddin answered 1 week ago
Correct answer is dinoflagellates like Gonyaulax are responsible for red tides in marine environment.they release toxins which may harm humans and aquatic animals.but according to some reference books both b and c are correct

Shalini Shalini answered 5 days ago
Both b,c are correct answer but choose b option because is 1st given option

Kiran Sarmah answered Mar 01, 2020
Dinoflagellates such as Gonyaulax causes red tides. They form algal blooms and discolour the water colour. These are very toxic and also deplete the oxygen causing harm to aquatic life.

Bashir Ahammad Bagwan answered 6 days ago
Correct answer is d.because all of these cause red tide

Ipsita Meher answered 3 days ago
We should go according to ncert. hence b should be the answer

Sahil Nazir answered 1 week ago
It is option (b) according to ncert. So #EduRev should correct it. Thanks

Mirza Hatim answered 1 week ago
According to ncert b is correct answer

Manisha Yadav answered 2 weeks ago
B and comments both are right

Pranav Psp answered 6 days ago
Both are right but the correct one is b

Shruti Sharma answered 2 weeks ago
Option b us accurate as we have to follow ncert

Dola Ramamohanreddy answered 4 days ago
Gonyaulax is the answer according to ncert

Sandy Naaz answered 23 hours ago
Red tide is phenomenon caused by algal bloom during which algae becomes numerous and discolored coastal water hence the name Red tide. These algae releases some toxin which show bad effects on human health and other animals.

Nidhi Tamak answered 1 week ago
Correct answer should be b that is gonyaulax and it is responsible for red tide. one should follow the ncert in comparison to any reference book... according to me and according to my teacher

Fulton Mondal answered 23 hours ago
C) Gonyaulaxs

Brijesh Kumar answered 2 weeks ago
Red tide is caused by Gonyaulax ( According to ncert )..

Pandurang Khandare answered Mar 01, 2020
Option B correct , given in ncert

Isha Dagar answered 1 week ago
I think b is correct

Kishore D answered 23 hours ago

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