Red tide is caused by
a) Noctiluca
b) Gymnodinium
d) All of these
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

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By Jagjit Singh · Feb 27, 2020 ·NEET
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Yashudev Yadav answered Feb 27, 2020
According to ncert option c right but according to reference books option b,c both right

Suhana Agrawal answered Feb 27, 2020

Kishore D answered Apr 01, 2020

Sanjana Singh answered Feb 27, 2020
Gymnodinium and gonyaulax is also a form of dinoflagellates which are able to form blooms most commonly called red tides and produce toxin which affect human health , fishes and other marine organisms.

Reena Shrivastava answered Mar 30, 2020
We should consider it as option B since NCERT says it and nothing more important than NCERT in neet

Suresh Kumar answered 4 weeks ago

Tanvi Dear answered Mar 18, 2020
NCERT jindabaad !! answer toh b nd c dono h lekin we have to prefer ncert must . so uh only remember about option b (Gonyaulax)

India Best answered Mar 19, 2020
Its option b according to ncert.

Gonyaulax ,a dinoflagellate causes red tides.It releases toxins which are harmful to fishes

Aisha Mohiuddin answered Mar 25, 2020
Correct answer is dinoflagellates like Gonyaulax are responsible for red tides in marine environment.they release toxins which may harm humans and aquatic animals.but according to some reference books both b and c are correct

Vishal Kumar answered Mar 14, 2020

Amisha Kardam answered 4 weeks ago
Because it secrete neurotoxin sexitoxin which cause red tide in sea

Asmita Nikam answered Mar 14, 2020
Gynodinium is a genus of dinoflagellates, a type of marine and freshwater planktons

Chito Kobobogum answered Apr 18, 2020
Red tides are actually caused by gonyaulax(Red dinoflagellates) due to its rapid multiplication on the surface of water bodies majorily in seas and oceans. It sometimes also releases toxins which causes harm to aquatic organism even to human if contaminated water is consumed.

Harish Chandra answered Apr 25, 2020
Red tide is csused by dinoflagellates and mainly gyanocalyx
correct option b

Abimel Sbkulumala answered Apr 17, 2020
Answer is gonyaulax

Gopal Rathod answered Apr 20, 2020
According to ncert page no 21 line 7th option C is right

Gopi Thop answered Apr 16, 2020
Red tides are chemicals released by gonyaulax can kill small fishes also

Diksha Tewari answered Apr 07, 2020
Red tides refer to the red colourism parted to the sea water by the rapid multiplication of red pigmented Dinoflagellates such as Gonyaulax

Rohit Dalal answered Apr 17, 2020
Gonyaulux have a phase during reproductive cycle in which it is red coloured and due to its large number population the tides appear as red tides.
NCERT also discuss about it.

Nasreen Ansari answered Apr 07, 2020
Only b.gonyaulax.because rapid multiplication that they make the sea appear red ,red tides

Murugan Arumugham answered Apr 20, 2020
Correct answer is gonylaux which causes red tides according to ncert. Noctiluca is called sea ghost becoz it glows in night. But toxin was secreted by both Gymnodinium and gonyaulax. That toxin is called saxitoxin. These toxin causes paralysis in human and it also affect the marine animals. but it is best to follow ncert..

Maran Kumar answered Apr 16, 2020
Gonyaulax is the Dino flagaletes forms red tides in in the oven also release toxins which kills fisheries

Varun Kumar answered Apr 24, 2020
Due to rapid multiplication of gonyaulax the sea appered ted ncert pg 21 line 7 and 8

Kiran Sarmah answered Mar 01, 2020
Dinoflagellates such as Gonyaulax causes red tides. They form algal blooms and discolour the water colour. These are very toxic and also deplete the oxygen causing harm to aquatic life.

P Lakshmibai answered 4 weeks ago
No option c perfectly correct

Shalini Shalini answered Mar 27, 2020
Both b,c are correct answer but choose b option because is 1st given option

Vishnu Lvvs answered Apr 08, 2020
Gonyaulax is a genus of is commonly called red dinoflagellates cause red tides.
red tides are serious because gonyaulax produce saxitoxins and gonyautoxins..

Sravnikotesh Sravnikotes answered 2 weeks ago
Yes, according to ncert opt:c is correct,red tides caused by the dinoflagellate gonyaulax are serious because this organism produces saxitoxin & gonyautoxins which accumulate in shellfish & if ingested may lead to paralysis shellfish poisoning and can lead to death.
according to other references, unarmed dinoflagellate of the karenia (previously gymnodinium) genus are able to form blooms most commonly red tides and produce toxins affecting human health red tides & less frequently,other marine lives.

Vibha Maurya answered Apr 06, 2020
Red tide is a phenomenon caused by algal blooms during which algal becomes so numerous that they discolored coastal waters.The algal blooms may also deplete oxygen in the water and or release toxins that may cause illness in humans and other animals

Ipsita Meher answered Mar 29, 2020
We should go according to ncert. hence b should be the answer

Hajra Syed answered Apr 09, 2020
U must refer ncert

Sneha Jagadeesh answered Apr 22, 2020
According to ncert gonyaulax is correct

Ansh Vishwakarma answered Apr 21, 2020
C options is correct since the gonyalux is a dinoflagellate and they have erythropoietin pigment which causes red tides...

Mirza Hatim answered Mar 26, 2020
According to ncert b is correct answer

Brijesh Kumar answered Mar 18, 2020
Red tide is caused by Gonyaulax ( According to ncert ).. and according to refrence book both B & C are correct...... I hope it help !!!!

Sara Khan answered 4 weeks ago
Correct option is 'c'

Aanshi Modi answered Apr 20, 2020
C. gonyaulax is the example of rd dino flagellates

Varaprasad Battu answered 4 weeks ago
As the gonyaulax is the dinoflaggelate it produces some toxin that which make the red tides so answer C

Satyam answered Apr 08, 2020
C is correct ncert. biological classification right side page fungi

Palla Haripriya answered 2 weeks ago
The red tides caused by the dinoflagelates Gonyaulax are serious becoz this organism produces saxitoxin and gonyautoxins which accumulate in shellfish and if injested may lead to paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) and can lead to death.

Bashir Ahammad Bagwan answered Mar 26, 2020
Correct answer is d.because all of these cause red tide

Shubhashree Satapathy answered 3 weeks ago
Options d is correct...

Sahil Nazir answered Mar 25, 2020
It is option (b) according to ncert. So #EduRev should correct it. Thanks

Dileep Ravula answered Apr 24, 2020
Correct anwser is both b and c

Sri Vaishnavi answered Apr 19, 2020
According to ncert it is clearly option c gonyaulax as it is a red dinoflagellate

Awantika Gupta answered Apr 08, 2020
Although all the three are bioluminescence. But particularly red tide is associated with dinoflagellate. Oftenly Gonyaulax is known as red dinoflagellate.

Mohan Lal answered 4 weeks ago
Due to formations of red Tides of dinoflagellates

Hilda Darling answered 3 weeks ago
According to NCERT 'b'is correct

Gopikas S answered Apr 09, 2020
Red tide is a common name for algal blooms, which are large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms, such as protozoans and unicellular algae (e.g. dinoflagellates and diatoms).
Certain species of phytoplankton and dinoflagellates like 'Gonyaulax' found in red tides contain photosynthetic pigments that vary in color from brown to red.
These organisms undergo such rapid multiplication that they make the sea appear red.The production of natural toxins such as brevetoxins and ichthyotoxins are harmful to marine life

Ashu Saini answered 4 weeks ago
Gonyalux is responsible for the red tides so option C is right...

Shubham Wagh answered Apr 15, 2020
Option C
100 %

Dhani Ram answered 2 weeks ago
Ans C is correct according to ncert 11ťh ²nd chep topic 2.2.2. dianoflagellates page no .21👍👍

Santhana Priya answered 5 hours ago
Correct answer is option.c

Kanika S answered Apr 08, 2020
Option c is correct

Manisha Yadav answered Mar 24, 2020
B and comments both are right

Real Raja answered Apr 14, 2020
Red tode is caused by guanaulyx a protozoa

Adithya Shasan answered Apr 23, 2020
Option C : Gonyaulax

Priyadharshini Raajendir answered 2 weeks ago
But C is the correct option

Sweet Words answered 2 weeks ago
According to ncert gonyaulax is a dinoflagellate n bears red pigments n they grow hugely over water bodies...thays why it forms red u chould go with the ncert.... don't consult references in this case

Kinshul Choudhary answered 5 days ago
Red tide is caused by gonyaulax (algal blooms)

Md Tosif Ansaire answered Apr 13, 2020
B ha ncrt ma bhai

Sandy Naaz answered Apr 01, 2020
Red tide is phenomenon caused by algal bloom during which algae becomes numerous and discolored coastal water hence the name Red tide. These algae releases some toxin which show bad effects on human health and other animals.

Shruti Sharma answered Mar 24, 2020
Option b us accurate as we have to follow ncert

Devjoti Mondal answered 3 weeks ago
Dada non so reference book mei neet me liye use koru, please send me

Gurpreet Kaur answered 3 weeks ago
Gonyaulax. acc to ncert.

Ravikishore Teki answered Apr 15, 2020
Gonyaulax are called red dinoflagellates they form red tides

Bharthi Bhoomi answered Apr 26, 2020
According to ncert the red dinoflagellates undergo rapid multiplication n forms red tides like the gonyaulax

Jananda Vardhan answered 4 weeks ago
Red tide by the Gonyaulax is option is c

Rajesh Swetha answered Apr 25, 2020
The gonyaulax is a red dianoflagellate.
So, on its growth on the sea will appear as a red tide

Mishra352000 answered 5 days ago
Red tide is due to gonyaulax

Pranav Psp answered Mar 26, 2020
Both are right but the correct one is b

Sharmistha Giri answered Apr 25, 2020
Option b is right

Tejasvi M answered 3 weeks ago
Answer is option C....bcoz it's an Red Dinoflagellates...which gives Red color to the sea

Sanjana Elumalai answered 4 days ago
Red Tide is caused by algal blooms

Dola Ramamohanreddy answered Mar 28, 2020
Gonyaulax is the answer according to ncert

Tholkappiyan Tamiz answered Apr 17, 2020
All of these isthe right answer

Scorpion Worrior answered Apr 07, 2020

Fulton Mondal answered Apr 01, 2020
C) Gonyaulaxs

Sujauddin Mondal answered 4 weeks ago
B. option is correct according to ncert

Aiala Anwar answered Apr 15, 2020
Gonyaulax does not cause red tides they make the sea or any water bodies to appear red due to their multiplication

Shreya Saini answered Apr 08, 2020
See ncert page 21... section of dinoflagellates.Red tides are formed by gonyaulax.

Rohit Sagar answered Apr 06, 2020