What are the differences between pollination and fertilisation?

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By Nirmal Kumar · Mar 02, 2020 ·Class 10
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Zayeda Sulthana answered Mar 02, 2020
.Pollination and # fertilization

Pollination is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma.

#fertilization is the fusion of gametes to initiate the development of a new individual organism.

Pollination later enables fertilization and the production of seeds, most often by an animal or by wind.

#The cycle of fertilisation and development of new individuals is called sexual reproduction.

in angiosperms, after the pollen grain has landed on the stigma, it develops a pollen tube which grows down the style until it reaches an ovary. Sperm cells from the pollen grain then move along the pollen tube, enter an ovum cell through the micropyle and fertilise it, resulting in the production of a seed.

#During double fertilisation in angiosperms the haploid male gamete combines with two haploid polar nuclei to form a triploid primary endosperm nucleus by the process of vegetative fertilisation.

Pollinating agents such as wind, water, bees and birds are necessary for pollination.

#Male and female gametes are necessary for fertilization to take place

Abhi Prajapati answered Mar 04, 2020
Pollen grains are transferred to the female reproductive part of flower of either the same or other plant this process is called pollination this is followed by fertilization


in human beings fertilization is internal the male amateurs(spearm) forms are released inside the female genital tract during sexual intercourse. sperms are highly active and motile millions of sperms are released in the vagina and they move upward through the cervix and uterus into the oviduct where they may encounter the egg finally in the fallopian tubes one sperm fertilize the ovum after the fusion of sperm and ovum zygote formed. fertilization is marked by the absence of menstruation in females

Gouse Ashrafi answered Mar 04, 2020
Pollination is a act of transferring something from male into female.
fertilisation means power of male to transfer.

Yashika Singh answered Mar 03, 2020

Kishan Kumar answered Mar 02, 2020
Thank you I was searching for this only

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