The name virus was given by

  • a)
    Martinus Beijerinck

  • b)
    Dmitri Ivanovsky

  • c)
    W.M. Stanley

  • d)
    Louis Pasteur 

Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

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By Narotam Singh · Mar 06, 2020 ·NEET
52 Answers
Prem Darade answered Mar 06, 2020

Shatabdi Malik answered Jun 11, 2020
Mentioned in Ncert. The name virus was given by Pasteur. Disc. by Ivanowsky. Stanley crystallized tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). Beijerinek cld it contagium vivum fluidum ( infectious living fluid). Here option B is correct.

Sakshi Sarwade answered Jun 27, 2020
The name virus is given by "Pasteur".It is clearly given in NCERT[Page no.26,3rd Line]

Subhash Ghosliya answered Aug 02, 2020
Term of virus was given by the "Louis Pasteur" i.e. option A is correct . The option B can't be correct becoz.. D.J.Ivanowsky recognised certain microbes as casual organism of the mosaic disease of tobacco.

Syeda Fareesa answered Aug 10, 2020
The name virus was given by Dmitry ivanowski as mentioned in the ncert textbook

Satte Satywan answered Aug 09, 2020
B option is correct

Kadambala Hemalatha answered Aug 14, 2020
According to ncert option A is correct..

Parakkath Niza answered Jun 18, 2020
Name given by ivanowsky but discoverd by beijernik

Vijay Ratiwal answered Aug 13, 2020
Right answer is Louis pasteur .

Leeman Rathor answered Aug 11, 2020
B is right...Virus name derived from a word Venom means poison by Ivanowsky
meanwhile Pastuar well known by his discovery of path breaking vaccince!
Stanley added term crystalizing entities to viruses
...and about last one IDK!!

Rudhra Kosu answered Sep 13, 2020
B is correct

Harish Chandra answered Jul 22, 2020
Louis Pasteur

Harsh Thagele answered Aug 16, 2020
Option -B is correct answer because louis pasteur was first time virus name given

Bindu Bhavani answered Aug 07, 2020
Louis pasteur coined the term virus

ꪀꪮꪑꪖꪖꪀ answered Sep 13, 2020
Louis Pasteur...

Ansila P answered Aug 15, 2020
Not B but A.. l think

Adarsh Gupta answered 6 days ago
According to new version of ncert the name virus given by pasture .

Syed Sarfaraz answered Oct 19, 2020
It's actually Louis pasteur

Remesan Kadakkandy answered Jun 08, 2020
Ln old ncert book it's answer was given as Pasteur

Suman Saha answered 4 days ago
Answer is wrong. should be D acc. to NCERT

Sruthi Kadambala answered May 28, 2020
Pasteur acc to ncert text book

Narasimharao G answered Aug 10, 2020
Pasteur correct answer

Tejas Tambakhe answered Jul 07, 2020
1892 – Dimitrii Ivanovsky observed that agent of tobacco mosaic disease passes through porcelain filters that retain bacteria

1898 – Marcus Beijerinck makes the same observation; concludes that the pathogen must be a distinctive agent

1898 – Friedrich Loeffler and Paul Frosch (former students of Koch), find that causative agent of foot-and-mouth disease is filterable (the first animal virus)

1901 – Yellow fever virus – Walter Reed (the first human virus)

1903 – Rabies virus (Remlinger, Riffat-Bay)

1906 – Variola virus (Negri)

1908 – Poliovirus (Karl Landsteiner and E. Popper); chicken leukemia virus (Ellerman, Bang)

1911 – Rous sarcoma virus (Peyton Rous)

1915 – Bacteriophages -Frederik Twort, Felix D’Herelle

1931 – Swine influenza virus (Shope)

1933 – Human influenza virus (Smith)

The name virus was coined from the Latin word meaning slimy liquid or poison

Pavitra Senoritaa answered 3 weeks ago
(B) loius pasteur was term virus was given by him

Gangundi Varsshinie answered Aug 27, 2020
Virus was discovered by Lewis pasteur and the term virus was coined by iwanowsky and first crystallined virus was explained by Stanley and the name for virus as contagium vivum fluid was given by berjrinik

Zakir Husain answered Aug 09, 2020
Dmitri ivanowsky

Ekta Gupta answered Mar 06, 2020
It's pasteur.. read NCERT old one it's written clear pg26 3rd line.

Bishal Das answered Jul 11, 2020
Vai acc. to latest ncert its ans is A

Kavyateju Gupta answered Sep 03, 2020
The correct answer is a

Aditya Shinde answered Jun 06, 2020

Shruti Tripathi answered Aug 15, 2020
Damtri lavnowasky

Poonam Fogat answered Mar 08, 2020
D is right option

Kusum answered Oct 19, 2020
Beijerinck, in 1898, was the first to call 'virus', the incitant of the tobacco mosaic. He showed that the incitant was able to migrate in an agar gel, therefore being an infectious soluble agent, or a 'contagium vivum fluidum' and definitively not a 'contagium fixum' as would be a bacteria.

Saqa Barin answered Aug 16, 2020
Option B is correct

Laxmi Sinnur answered Aug 18, 2020
What about D?

Shreyash Waghmare answered 2 days ago
According to NCERT option "d" is correct

D Krishna answered Aug 11, 2020
The name virus was given by pasteur.

Ankita Birajdar answered Jun 11, 2020
Pasture is right answer na

Adithya Shasan answered 2 weeks ago
Option B : Louis Pasteur

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