Which city has the highest population density in India?
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'B,D'. Can you explain this answer?

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Veerendra Katare answered Mar 29, 2020

Priyanshu Kumar answered Mar 30, 2020
¶¶ According to 2011 Census, population of Mumbai was 1.84 Crore. It is India's highest populated city. 

¶¶ Population density of India according to 2011 census is 382 persons per square kilometre. Delhi has the highest population density which is 11,297 per square kilometre.

Shreya Visen answered Jun 14, 2020
It is Delhi.
Delhi has the population density of 
29,149 counts per square km. It means that if we cover 1 sq.km of area in Delhi then the number of persons lying in that area would be 29,149. Means 29,149 people live in this much small area of land.
Population density determines the number of persons living in per unit area. If we select any unit area at random then the city or country which will show the most number of people in that area, that particular city/country is most densely populated.

Tripti Paul answered Jun 06, 2020
Option d is the answer mumbai

Nandini Nandini Singh answered Jul 28, 2020
Cause it's a urban area and as people move from rural to urban in search of their livelihood thus making it more populated...

Abhay Singh answered Jun 06, 2020
Answer is Delhi afcourse

Reetik Pandey answered Aug 10, 2020
Option d mumbai

Rohit Singh answered Jul 02, 2020
The answer is B because the area of delhi is very small and a large population lives there.
the answer is D as well because though mumbai is large in area but due to excess migration into that state, it has become a highly dense city.
hope it helps

Nikita Nagapure answered Aug 23, 2020
You are right ....

INDRAKANTA DANA answered Mar 30, 2020
Urban population density
  • Chennai - 14,350 persons per sq km
  • Kolkata - 23,900 persons per sq km
  • Mumbai -29,650 persons per sq km
  • Delhi - 11,050 persons per sq km

Nitu Mittal answered Aug 13, 2020
Delhi is the correct answer because the population is so high ther are many factory they use chemical, car smoke, etc.

Sneha Sharma answered Jul 18, 2020
The answer is Mumbai and delhi

Priyancee Priya answered Jun 04, 2020
Delhi and Mumbai
because immigration from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc is high in those cities. Most people migrate to better living which includes health, hygiene, education, entertainment, employment.

Ayushi Srivastav answered 4 weeks ago
Delhi has the highest population density in India.....

Raima Riang answered Aug 01, 2020
Delhi because many of the areas are flooded with slum

Sushma Chaudhary answered Jun 16, 2020
Mumbai is correct answer

Arham Ansari answered Jul 14, 2020
The correct answer is "Delhi"

Pragati Dwivedi answered Jul 25, 2020
Delhi is the dense populated city of our country. the most significance reason behind it is, Delhi is capital of our India. capital of India and dense population is simultaneously related to each other as it is our capital every resources is available there. the monuments like historical, presidential, give the opportunity of job. every facility is available there as it is capital of India. Many people went there is search of job but just after some time they settled there, just because they get their basic resources from there from their child schooling to their job or trade. Trading is also can be a reason behind it, as it is center of India it is the best place for trading.

Daya Kisan answered Aug 03, 2020
The correct answer is d and c the highest population of the density of India

Bina Rai answered Jul 28, 2020
Mumbai is the correct answer

Surender Kumar answered Jun 01, 2020
Delhi has the highest population density among these cities

Natasha Jain answered 3 weeks ago
Delhi becouse in delhi you can do anything you want to you can start from a small work to earn linving

Mumbai as it also has a lot of job or career opportunities

Jhkas Gamer answered 3 weeks ago
Mumbai and Delhi are the places where people went and settle for work to earn money and a better life

Manish Singh answered Jun 16, 2020
Density of population in India is 382 persons per sq km. Delhi (11,320) turns out to be the most densely inhabited followed by Chandigarh (9,258), among all States/UTs, both in 2001 and 2011 Census.

Anandi Chaturvedi answered Jul 20, 2020
Delhi and Mumbai are mega cities or metropolitan cities so they are highly populated

Neha {arts} answered Jul 31, 2020
D) Mumbai has the highest population density

Natural Gamer answered May 29, 2020
Delhi is the city in India with highest population density.

Sarita Sharma answered Jul 19, 2020
Correct options is b and d because these are metropolitan State as these are highly developing states of the world and Mumbai is a economic capital of India

thank you
riya sharma 12 ( humanities)

Sunita Machhua answered 4 weeks ago
Delhi because it is the commercial city and capital of our country India

Satyam Singh answered Aug 18, 2020
Mumbai and Delhi

Preet Gollen answered 4 weeks ago
Mumbai. According to the United nations as of 2018 , Mumbai is the most populous city of the country and the seventh most populous city in the world .

Inder Jeet answered Aug 22, 2020
But I think right answer is kolkatta

Khyati Sharma answered Aug 24, 2020
Answer is
Delhi and Mumbai both because
As Delhi and Mumbai are India's two biggest cities with 16.8 and 12.5 million people each. The population density of Mumbai, however, is much higher than Delhi. Delhi is the world's second-most densely populated city with over 20,000 people per square kilometre

Lakshmi Ravikanth Waghma answered Aug 29, 2020
Answer is Mumbai , because as per Indian government population census of 2011,Mumbai is most populous city in India with an estimated city proper population of 12.5 million living under Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai . Mumbai is the centre of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the sixth most populous metropolitan area in the world with a population of over 23 million.Mumbai lies on the konkan coast on the west coast of India and has a deep natural harbour.
In 2008 Mumbai was named as alpha world city.It has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires among all cities in India. Mumbai is home to three *UNESCO* world Heritage sites: the Elephanta Caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, and the city's distinctive ensemble of Victorian and Art Deco Building.

Rasmita Patra answered Jul 13, 2020
Correct answer is mumbai because migration of people from other state is continuing

Aruna Manger answered Jul 07, 2020
it is because it a largest metropolitan cities of India having largest size and population

Leela Joshi answered Aug 20, 2020
Ans. is B Delhi

Sherap Ongdi Sherpa answered Aug 11, 2020
B because people from other state go place to place for work and when they gets work they can settle there for whole life.

Abida Fatima answered 2 weeks ago
Mumbai is the highest population density in india

Black Pearl answered 2 weeks ago
Mumbai, India

• Population density: 76,790 per square mile

• Population: 14,350,000

• Square miles: 187 miles

New Delhi, India

• Population density: 28,600 per square mile

• Population: 14,300,000

• Square miles: 500 miles

Satypal Singh answered Jul 19, 2020
Answer b becouse the area of delhi is very small and the large population live there

Nikku Yadav answered Jul 24, 2020
1 Mumbai and then delhi

Endlessdemon Specials answered 4 weeks ago
Mumbai because their most of peoples live in slums and famous actors and artists were live their ...

Vaishnavi Singh answered Apr 30, 2020
Delhi and Mumbai

Bindaas Boy answered Jul 08, 2020

Density of population in India is 382 persons per sq km. Delhi (11,320) turns out to be the most densely inhabited followed by Chandigarh (9,258), among all States/UTs, both in 2001 and 2011 Census

Rohan Narwal answered 3 days ago
Mumbai Maharashtra

Shivam Kumar answered Jun 23, 2020
Mumbai is a right answer, according to me.

Sid Martonn answered Aug 19, 2020
The reason for Mumbai and Delhi being the most densely populated cities are :

1. They have a heavy pull factor. They attract a huge number of immigrants from various places.

2. The distribution of population is very uneven. Some live in houses, some in flats and many in slums.

3. Delhi being the National capital and Mumbai being the financial capital, both the places are highly developed and considered an important location from many aspects.


Density of population in India is 382 persons per sq km. Delhi (11,320) turns out to be the most densely inhabited followed by Chandigarh (9,258), among all States/UTs, both in 2001 and 2011 Census.

Aayush Verma answered Jul 19, 2020
Density of population in India is 382 persons per sq km. Delhi 11,320 persons per sq km turns out to be the most densely populated followed by Chandigarh 9,258 among all cities both in 2001 and 2011 Census of India. So the correct answer is (b)Delhi.

Aditi Vashishth answered Aug 01, 2020
Density of population in India is 382 persons per sq km. Delhi (11,320) turns out to be the most densely inhabited followed by Chandigarh (9,258), among all states/UTs, both in 2001 and 2011 census.. hope this will help you..

Harsh Sharma answered Aug 03, 2020
Correct Option is D- Mumbai. The Financial Capital of India is the most Densely populated city, also the largest metropolitan it has high share of industries. People from all over the country migrate to Mumbai for employment, education etc.

Bishal Mondal answered Jul 28, 2020
Delhi is because it's the capital of our country...
and it have the all type of facility available...
And mumbai is a mega city..

Jenrose Villaraiz answered Aug 28, 2020
I think its Delhi

Tanya Kanojia answered Aug 24, 2020
The answer is delhi because a very high population lives in here and the area is small . If we compares it with mumbai so mumbai also has a high rate of population but the area is also big.

Yograj Bisht answered Aug 25, 2020
Delhi.. earlier it was kolkata then mumbai.but now delhi crosses all

Manoj Kumar answered Aug 25, 2020
Mumbai is the 2nd most populous city in the world after Tokyo

Anar Singh answered Aug 07, 2020
Delhi , it has almost 382 person per sq.m

Kartik Tondwal answered Jul 10, 2020
Ofcourse Delhi and Mumbai has highest population density in india because :-
people were migrate from the state like UP ,bihar etc for better education, sanitation, facilities,and the most important thing is that for earning these are the some reason for highest population density in Mumbai and Delhi.

Mayank answered Jun 09, 2020
because Maharashtra has many state so they have high population

Japshikha Gangwar answered Jun 28, 2020
Option D is the correct Answer because mumbai is the highest population city.

Anil Mishra answered Jul 31, 2020
Option d is correct answer Mumbai

Piyush Kasry answered Aug 07, 2020
my question mumbai

Manpreet Singh answered 4 weeks ago
Delhi is the right answer

Aditya Kumar answered Aug 24, 2020
Because the both areas are small but population is very dense thats reason delhi and mumbai has the highest population density in india.

Harsh Yadav answered 4 weeks ago
Mumbai .. because others are state not city'..

Priyanka Choudhary answered 2 weeks ago
Delhi is right answer

Dodum Makuni answered Jul 16, 2020
B,d delhi and mumbai being the most populated state due to the large number of immigrants in those areas,the state consist of large slums as well as developed centres,people find this states to be more efficient for job hunting and so...many students also find these states to be good for further education and future careers.

p.s : I'm leaving behind the total population and density those are just basic.

Kesar answered Aug 07, 2020
Due to migration of people from other places to the city in search of work and Delhi and mumbai are city's which can provide work to other people

Swarndeep Sorout answered Jul 31, 2020
Option D is correct Mumbai

Shradha answered 4 weeks ago
Mumbai bcoz it have population of 1.94 crore whereas Delhi have just 1.9 crores
hope u like this

Ayush Choudhary answered Jul 10, 2020
Delhi has the highest population density in india

Sneha Chahar answered Jul 07, 2020
Mumbai is located in maharashtra coast, If we talk about mumbai it is most populous city . it is one of the largest and densely populated urban area in the world also.