Living cells were discovered by
  • a)
    Robert Hooke
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
    Robert Brown
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

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Varad Bidada answered May 17, 2020
The cell was described by Robert Hooke. but the cells he observed were the dead cells. and living cells were observed by the option C . do the correct answers is (C)

Nishi Kumari answered Jun 05, 2020
Living cell was discovered by Leewenhoek. Once Leewenhoek took a drop of pond water, there he put that into a slide he observed some tiny things moving. They were protozoa the living microbes. He named them as animalcules. Hence the discoverer of living cell is Antoine Van Leewenhoek.

Prathamesh Prathamesh answered Apr 01, 2020
Robert Hooke

Sarthak Bidada answered May 18, 2020
It is discovered by Leeuwenhoek

Yang Yang answered 4 weeks ago

Katyayani Parihar answered May 17, 2020
Actually the cells which Robert Hooke examined were dead cells of a dead wooden cork. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovered living cells. So the correct answer is C.

Alisa Ferrari answered 15 hours ago
Living cells were discovered by Van Leeuwenhooke in 1764.

Kruti Shetty answered 4 weeks ago
First the cells were discovered by Robert Hooke in 1655 under his own made microscope but they were dead. He examined it using a slice of cork and discovered honeycomb structure which he named in Latin as cells meaning a small room. It was Anton van leevsnhook who discovered Living cell using electron microscope in the pond.

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Venkanna Jala7 answered 3 weeks ago
Leeuwenhoek discovered a cell in 1665

Rasithab Rasitha answered 3 weeks ago
Purkinje discovered protoplasm which means living substance in the cell. So I conclude that living cells were discovered by Purkinje.

Subhansh Yadav answered 3 weeks ago
Antoine Von Leeuwenhook was the first person to discover a living cell

Shagun Bhatia answered Jun 04, 2020
Robert hooke discovered cell of a cork but they were dead . Hence he is not regarded as the discover of living cells. Leeuwenhoek discovered living cells in pond water by an electron microscope

Hema Priya : Motivationa answered 3 weeks ago
Living cells are discovered by leeuwenhoek.

Ajay Mohta answered May 31, 2020
Living cells were first discovered by leeuwenhoek. He was the one who observed free living cells in pond through water electron microscope. I hope you understood.If my answer helps even 1% please do Upvote and follow if u wish:)Thanks.

Akshat Mishra answered Jun 06, 2020
The LIVING CELL were first discovered  by Antony Van Leeuwenhoek. He observed  living cell and called them 'animalcules'.

Debendra Sahoo answered Jun 07, 2020
Dead cells are discovered by Robert hooke in 1665,he saw this cells In a cork,obtained from the bark of the tree.the structure was honey comb shaped.he observed all this with his primitive microscope.

later on ANTON VON LEWENHOEK ,with his developed microscope discovered that living cells.

Chetan Tiwari answered 2 weeks ago
Living cell is discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 but the living cell was discovered by Leeuwnenhoek so option c is wright answer

Seema Bajpai answered Apr 02, 2020
A is the key to your success

Mannat Thukral answered Jun 05, 2020
The discovery made by Robert Hooke is considered to one of the most important discoveries in the field of biology but he is not regarded the one who discovered living cells he discovered dead cells ina cork but antonie von leeuwenhoek was the one who discovered living cells in pond water in 1674.
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Vivek Pal answered 4 weeks ago
I think the answer is Robert hooke

Aman Thakur answered 2 weeks ago
The answer is C . Cell was first discovered by Robert Hooke but that cell was dead . Leeuwenhoek first discovered the living cell in the pond water . Also, he founded the sperm cell of human , rabbits , insects , birds , etc . And, that year was 1674

Dinesh Rajpoot answered 4 weeks ago
A) Robert Hooke discovered living cell in bark of tree or cork

Lata Krishna answered 3 weeks ago
First free living cells were discovered in pond water by antonie ven Leeuwenhoek

Khushi Gavli answered 2 weeks ago
(a) Robert hooks

Bittu Kumar answered 3 weeks ago
The cell was observed by hookgave no in Indicationof nuclear and other organelles found in most living cells. this first man to witness alive sale under a microscope was ANTON VAN LEEUWENHOEK.

Rajesh Kumar answered 6 days ago
Actually the cell was discovered by was seen by Robert hooke and discovered by leeuwenhoek

Coc Technical Chirag Gam answered yesterday
Van Leeuwenhoek in 1674

Jairaj Technologies answered 15 hours ago
Robert hooke observed dead cells in bark of tree but Leeuwenhoek observed live cells so Leeuwenhoek is first person who observed cells

Aman Anand answered yesterday
Van Leeuwenhoek

Mukul Kumar answered Apr 01, 2020
(a) Robert Hooke

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