Who discovered LOVE?

Class 8 Question

12 Answers
Itz_dm answered Apr 28, 2020
Adam discovered the love

Ayush Aryan answered 3 weeks ago
1) This is an educational app and such things are not appropriate to be discussed here.
2) Love is just an aspect of heart and humanity. It is our heart that discovers love and gets attracted towards it.

Gayatri Bhadra answered 4 weeks ago
What is the need to know these things on this app which is made for education. Whom do you need for love ? If you want to do these things, then use other apps and talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend or any other person. And if you do not have then chat personally.
Please try to understand that what I am trying to say. Do not ignore. Our parents have spent money on this app. Its not for free. And still, most important thing is that this is an educational application. Hope you all understand. I am sorry for anything that hurts your feelings or your heart. I am not telling you to pinch but to promote you towards the path of truth.
Thank you for reading this message. Please reply if I said anything wrong and try not to get annoyed.

Shivani Karthik answered 3 weeks ago
This question is not of educational purposes so remember 1 thing that do not send these type of questions remember it next time ok

Harini Venkat answered May 08, 2020
Adam discovered love

Gurmannat Aujla answered 2 weeks ago
Aapko ye janke krna kya hai kii who discovered love. puchna hii hai to kuch acha nhi pucha jata kya. aapko bhi uske sath discover krne jana tha kya rh gye isliye puchrhe ho kisne discover kiya. ye aap kisi or site pe bhi puch skte ho ya search kr skte ho ok yha bkvaas krne ki zroort nhi hai its not insta ya tiktok ki yha kuch v pucho ge. aapke paas social media apps honge. unpr pucho. aayi smjh

Tanishka Gupta answered May 08, 2020
Augustus Edward Hough Love

Karan Jagat answered 20 hours ago
I don't interest in love

Shweta Singh answered 4 weeks ago
Adam discovered it

Esther Daniella answered 2 days ago
Hi exuse me this up is only meant for EDUCATION so if you feel like discussing that topic please quit this app and maybe start your own app to do such kind of stupid stuff

Sanjay Singh answered 25 minutes ago
Very bad question for 8 grade .

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