CAT Question

I am not going to take classes for CAT. I'm planning to prepare it by watching video lectures so can anyone kindly tell me as to whose video lectures should I watch and from which platform or source? It'll also be great if anyone contacts me to tell me and guide me about there approach for preparing for CAT. Anyone?


Pragya Goyal
Jul 19, 2020
TIME material.DM for the same

Aashish Sharma
May 25, 2020
Youtube pe rodha channel hai search kar le waha sara content pada hai

Karan Dhek
Aug 03, 2020
Rodha channel is fab

Jan 01, 2021
Hey you can YouTube Rodha it's helpfull also you can watch free lectures on unacadmey of various educators

Mustafa Shareef
Nov 28, 2020
I'd recommend StudyBuzz Education as they follow conceptual approach rather than formula based in quants which makes the preparation quite easier. You can visit their website for free videos and then buy their courses if you find those as per your satisfaction

You should go for studybuzz.

Satyam Rai
Jan 07, 2021
There is a channel on your tube called edusaathi,I am also studying from there

Harshith N
May 23, 2021
Https:// best channel

Vaibhav Raj
Apr 18, 2021

misson cat ( sony goyal sir ) each topic video

Sagar Soni
May 24, 2021
Try rodha! btw if you want to reach me. do dm @sonusagar_09

Alisha Oberoy
May 27, 2021
Must watch YouTube rodha channel... this channel will solve all your problem.

Rishika Singhi
Jun 04, 2021
Do your preparation with Rodha connect to Ronak Singh unacademy in telegram get your quiries clear there and yesterday was the first session of preparation for cat basic quants in 60 days by Ronak Shah unacademy/YouTube get connected with him also
this will definitely benefit as its benefiting me too.

TIME material.DM for the same
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TIME material.DM for the same