State wise mbbs college details?

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By Suresh Kumar · May 28, 2020 ·NEET
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Suresh Kumar answered May 28, 2020

Muskan Parihar answered Aug 16, 2020

Rajeswari D answered Jul 18, 2020

Kalpana Mugunthan answered Jul 12, 2020
Tamil nadu

Jyoti Mishra answered Aug 29, 2020
Government MBBS seats through NEET 2020

StateInstituteTotal SeatsUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, Basti15Government Medical College, Kannauj15GSVM Medical College, Kanpur28IMS BHU, Varanasi84

KARNATAKA. Karnataka has 50 Medical Colleges offering a total of 7,355 seats.

ANDHRA PRADESH. Andhra Pradesh has 47 Medical Colleges offering a total of 7,150 seats.







Lokesh Naik answered Aug 08, 2020
As per the mci data 272 medical college offers a total of 41400+ mbbs seat .apart from this government has set up new medical college which is approved by mci.

Siliveru Pooja answered Jul 19, 2020

Sai Suchith answered Aug 13, 2020

Nandana K.v answered Aug 16, 2020

Rahul Kumar answered Aug 19, 2020
Utter parades

Anjali Takmoge answered Sep 10, 2020
Thanx sir . this is very important info. for us. thanks

Sharon Swarupa answered 4 weeks ago
Andhra Pradesh

Logesh Waran answered Sep 09, 2020
Include 11 more colleges in tamil nadu.

Sandhya Rani Kadamanda answered Sep 16, 2020
Minimum marks required to get mbbs seat in telangana

Balaji Madhavan answered Sep 09, 2020
For tamilnadu 11 new college and 1650 seats are increasing this year

Bhagya Bs answered 1 hour ago
Anyone tried to study MBBS in AFMC ... please help me ..with more details...

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