Sb apne apne subject btao ?

Humanities/Arts Question

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Abc Xyz answered Jun 26, 2020
general hindi
special english

Priyanshu Kumar answered Aug 26, 2020
1) History

2) political science

3) English.

4) Economics.

5) painting

Black Lover answered Jul 07, 2020
Accountancy... business studies... microeconomics...

Srishti Dam answered 4 weeks ago
Physics, Chemistry , Biology, English and Geography .

Payal Kumari answered 3 weeks ago
Political science
physical education

Deepansh Sharma answered Jul 07, 2020
Political Science

Pankaj Pandey answered Jun 26, 2020
1. economics
2. sociology
3. history

Ronith answered Sep 01, 2020
Political science and geography

Diya Nimavat answered 3 weeks ago
English, Psychology, Political Science, Geography and Home Science

Sushant Singh answered Aug 27, 2020
Accountancy .Bussines studies. Economic .Entrepreneurship

Rasmita Patra answered Jul 13, 2020
English , history , geographic , economi and hindi

Sneha Aich answered Aug 25, 2020
English, Geography, Physical education, Home science,Sociology,informatics practices

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology...& Painting...

Khushi Raj answered Jul 22, 2020
Political Science.

Preet Gollen answered 4 weeks ago
History , political science, geography,english nd physical education

Riya Sahu answered Jun 26, 2020
•political Science

Deepshikha Sharma answered Jul 16, 2020
Political science,psycology,geography,hindi,english

Neha Tanu answered 5 days ago
Accounts, Business,English,Maths,economics, It ,

Afsha Saifi answered 5 days ago
English, hindi, history, politics, web application

Khushi Malik answered 3 weeks ago
English, and hindi are mine subjects

Nothing answered Sep 01, 2020
History, geography, political science, economics, English, phe

Abhi Chib answered Jun 26, 2020
English,hindi,political, education

Sunita Machhua answered 4 weeks ago
1)Economic 2)sociology 3)Political science 4)logic 5)English 6)mil

Spinoza Verstehn answered Jul 31, 2020
History political science geography Hindi elective English core

Mahima Shammi answered 3 weeks ago
English, Hindi,Sociology, Political science, Economics, Co-operation,computer,

Sneha Chahar answered Jul 08, 2020
English, History, Political Science, psychology , physical Education

Bhat Raihana answered 4 weeks ago
Zoology, botany, chemistry and environmental science

Zain Mir answered Jul 07, 2020
Political science

Sheetal Kongari answered Jun 26, 2020
Hindi, English, Pol. Sci. , History, Geography

Anuradha Parihar answered Jul 31, 2020
English,history,sociology,, economics

Ishika Pandit answered 2 weeks ago
History , political science , psychology ,hindi , english

Charu Gautam answered Jun 26, 2020
1. history
2. political science
3. legal studies 
4. English 
5. IP

Anuj Antil answered 4 weeks ago
Geography, political science, economics,physical education, English, yoga

Chandi Ram answered 4 weeks ago
English , hindi ,economics, political science

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