Who comes first, egg or hen?

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Baby Ghosh answered 3 weeks ago
So,in the nutshell( or an eggshell,if you like),two birds that aren't really chickens created chicken egg and hence, we have an answer::The EGG came first and then it hatched chicken.

Raiyan Zaib answered 3 weeks ago
Both hen and cock are send together ....!!

Bad Boy answered 3 weeks ago
First Hen came , scientist recently in 2019 or 20 proved this fact

Abhi answered 3 weeks ago
According to plasmic theory...Egg came first....Bcz Egg is a kind of cell...and initial level of an organism starts from cellular level so definitely cell or we can say egg came first and further developed into Hen which is basically a complete organism... Actually you need basic information regarding the theory which proved itself...That egg came first and this not happen just in a day or month.... actually need of the phase is years and years.... It's a bit longer theory...I just suggest you to go through the theory....for complete explanation and better understanding.

Arjun Singh answered 3 weeks ago

Dhanya Sree answered 3 weeks ago
Egg because egg can be made artificially and with enough heat at a certain temperature chicks will be formed..

Rekha answered 2 weeks ago
Humans didn't exist earlier actually we became inherited from monkey . in the same way maybe the chicken was inherited by some other organism and it laid egg. so it means that chicken came first

Abhishek S answered 3 weeks ago
Hen Then Eggs

Tanisha Singh answered 3 weeks ago
Egg came first and then it hatched a chicken...

Astha Shukla answered 2 weeks ago
Egg came first and then it hatched a chicken..

Official. Nik answered 3 weeks ago
Phle mein aya tha... fir mne Egg aur Hen dono ko kha liye...

hahahahahahaha... baat khtm

Vasumathi K.p. answered 3 weeks ago
Egg came Frist because single cell develop into complex organisms

Maheswari Maheswari answered 2 weeks ago
The eggs comes first

Adiba Khan answered 3 weeks ago
Hen and cock.

Ayush Nischal answered 3 weeks ago
Hen come first

Tanwir Islam answered 2 weeks ago
Han come fast because the protein which require a egg to fertile is only given by hen. It is proved by scientists too.

Pradeep Patil answered 4 days ago
Egg cane first because when an egg is hatched then only the chicken comes out and then the chicken lays out the egg

Navya Shree N answered 2 weeks ago
Egg comes first becz if the egg broke after a perticular time chick will comes out from that not hem.
funny question!

Santosh Mishra answered 2 weeks ago
It is a very boring and old question but I will like to answer it. Egg first came because when we look it with angle of biology egg is the third step while hen is the 5th step of hen cycle

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