Which was better geography or economics?


Priyanshu Kumar
Aug 09, 2020
¶¶ geography :)

Priyanshu Gupta
Aug 09, 2020
I m a commerce student, soo Economics is better than Geography.

Aug 07, 2020
According to me and for me geography is best

Dec 06, 2020
I have no idea about it bt I like to study Geography too muchh

Reena Shokeen
Aug 08, 2020
If your 10th maths was good then, statistics in eco will be easier for you. Also microeconomics is good if you are curious about prices ,values and global situations then go for eco . On the other hand of you love to know about earth, mines,ores ,sea,oceans and other things like calculating latitude or longitude using maths go for geography..I found eco much easier as all statistics concept are of 10th median, mode and mean..and microeconomics is also interesting to know about.

Anuradha Parihar
Aug 09, 2020
I took economics soo take it
teacher suggested it

Melody Ch
Jun 19, 2021
I'm interested in both the subjects.However if i had to choose between two then i would go for geography.

Srestha Raj
Jun 17, 2021
I think no one can suggest you this
you have to first study the zest of both the books.
which is better no one can tell except yourself
you have to find your interest on which subject you feel ok.

Jun 18, 2021
Geography. economics is lil bit boring.

Tanya Singh
Jun 18, 2021
If you like maths and statistics you can surely go for economics but if you like theory subject and mapping you should choose geography.
secondly, from my personal experience, geography is somewhat easier than economics.
But i am sure if you write the answer of economics point to the point you'll get full marks but in geography your marks will probably cut if the examiner was strict or you have done any short mistake. One more thing if your grammar or sentence formation is not that much good so it will not put any effect on your marks of economics.
hope you like my answer
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Mmuheeb Zargar
Jan 07, 2022
For me both are equal. both have a equal power. both have a equal challenge in the modern India, wheather it is a matter of GST or discipline learnt from geography.
U need both equally likely to crack upsc cse...

So I love both (〃゚3゚〃)

I m a commerce student, soo Economics is better than Geography.
I m a commerce student, soo Economics is better than Geography.