Who was the first taxonomist to classify the names for plants and animals?

  • a)

  • b)

  • c)
    John Ray

  • d)

Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

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But in NCRT the answer is Linnaeus

Sachin Kumar
Jan 23, 2021
Bauhin classified the different organism in the whole biological world before Linnaeus binomial nomenclature.

Shyama Tiwary
2 weeks ago
The organisms that include the plants and animals of the whole world were first classified by Gaspard Bauhinia and later the Binomial system of Nomenclature was introduced by Linneaus. Linnaeus had done his binomial nomenclature of plants and animal species based on the classification already done by Bauhin.

Raushani Praween
Jan 24, 2021
It is not mentioned in ncert.

2 weeks ago
Bauhin classified the names of plants and animals and binomial nomenclature introduced by carl linnaeus

But in NCRT the answer is Linnaeus
But in NCRT the answer is Linnaeus