Hii, I am going to prepare for CAT. so from which book I should start?

CAT Question

By Disha Vala · Jan 26, 2018 ·CAT
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Bhuvana Nvb answered Mar 05, 2018
Can I get pls....

Pradip Gawai answered Feb 17, 2018
Arun Sharma

Shweta Holi answered Feb 14, 2018
TIME notes

Laik Likey answered Jan 27, 2018
If u want TIME institution CAT coaching books .Plz do msg.

Dino James answered Apr 04, 2020
Edurev is good content and arun sharma vrc ke liye

Bhargav Chowdary answered Apr 15, 2020
First of all start with Arun Sharma books for building strong foundation. Solve all level 1 sums from Arun Sharma books. Then gradually go with free online material like bodheeprep site. Focus mainly on your calculations and reading. Read for atleast 1 hour daily and solve any logical game like Sudoku . This would build a solid foundation.

All the best. Thanks!

Pracheta Rathod answered Apr 08, 2020
First complete leagle aptitude..

Nayana Kowshik answered Feb 22, 2020
Arun Sharma...u can even try cmat by arihanth upto to certain reach...it's v gud

Shashi Shekhar answered Apr 08, 2020
You can prepare from Arun Sharma books, that is available from Amazon.

Shruti Patil answered Feb 01, 2018
I had ordered four books related to MBA/CAT examination viz. quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal &non verbal reasoning ... the author is R.S. Agrawal so are they preferable for exam preps? Should I continue with them or should I prefer another books?

Jalaluddin Mohd Akbar answered Feb 21, 2018
Edurev has good content for cat