Where to practice online UPSC mains answer writing?

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Shivam Mehra
Apr 13, 2018
You can start it by yourself!Like, How did you start riding bicycle?Did you go to your friends and family members to ask tips and techniques or just took a bicycle, tried to ride it, fell down, tried again and failed again. One day after series of failure and bruises you finally master the art of cycling.Similarly just start writing answer for civil service mains.UPSC Mains answer writing is an art. UPSC mains examination is highly competitive, because all those candidates who have crossed their first hurdle of Preliminary exam have extraordinary knowledge and skill. So it is the strong command over answer writing skill and presenting it properly that can help you gain an edge.The best time to start answer writing is the day when you start preparation for UPSC CSE. Do not expect to be perfect from Day 1. Just try to write the summary of the editorial which you read in 200 words. You may write very poorly initially, but trust me, you will get better with time and practice.I have listed a few tips following which would greatly improve the answer quality-1. Build your knowledge base by covering the static syllabus and reading the newspaper daily.2. Read the government magazines such as Yojana which gives complete 360 degree analysis of a topic.3. Watch Big Picture debates on the Rajya Sabha tv.4. Write in small sentences and in simple words. Don’t try to write in complex terminology.5. Focus on keywords while reading and writing.Apart from this, the most important thing is to practice. It is only through practice that you can write awesome answers which would cover all the aspects and force the examiner to give you higher marks. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar practised a single shot thousands of time to play it flawlessly during a cricket match. Similarly, you should also practice answer writing sufficient number of times to write a flawless answer in the exam.

Atu Tri
Apr 13, 2018
Thankyou for your guidance but how I will know my mistakes and how I will evaluate myself..m preparing for 2019 without coaching

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