Class 7 Question

How to write a dairy?


Elaina Apr 15, 2018
DIARY WRITTING FORMATDate;Dear diary/Name of diary.Body of diary--What happened that daySign off--Thats all for today/Thank you....!!

Kumari Sandhya Apr 15, 2018
First we have to write day than date than dear dear diary and than whatever you write in saltution than your name

Amrisha Mishra Oct 29, 2018
Writing dear diary is correct but my teacher told me that now we don't use it .Though there is no rule like you can't write dear dairy This is the format of dairy entry,
Main body *Mood*What happened*Where did it happen*Conclusion

Lalith Togalla Oct 15, 2019
First write the date, then day, then write dear diary, then you can start writing the events that happened to you on that day and finally you need to end it with something like ' see you again tomorrow '.

Gayathri Suresh Oct 28, 2018
Date Dear diary, The incidentYour name

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