Q. History is considered to be a study of _________________.
A:The Future
C:The Past
D:The Present
The answer is C.

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By bhikan patil · Jun 14, 2018 ·UPSC
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Best Ever answered Apr 18, 2020
C. the past .

Manini Tripathy answered Apr 24, 2020
History is considered to be a study of the past. people know by the past looking at book,newspapers, tools etc...so history is study of past

Rajesh Das answered May 20, 2020
Its option C-the past

Yash Nagpure answered May 14, 2020
The past in all languages

Shyni Anil answered Apr 10, 2020
History is his story, so past

Riya Chauhan answered Apr 24, 2020
The answer is c) the past

Redil Katal answered Jun 07, 2020
C. Past

Arnav Kumar answered Feb 21, 2020
History is considered to be a study of the past.

Decent Boy answered Jun 08, 2020
C) The Past

Indrawati answered Feb 26, 2020
History is the study of past and future events. People know what happened in the past by looking at things from the past including sources (like books, newspapers, and letters) and artifacts (like pottery, tools, and human or animal remains.)

Deepti Khandelwal answered May 08, 2020
Apsolutely correct because history is considered for the past because what happened in past that history tells us n also history gives us knowledge about what happened in our past life.there culture there way of living talking cooking etc n many more

Jyoti Singh answered Jul 10, 2020
History is the study of past. And this past can be correlated with the present and future.

Anshuman Kumar answered Aug 27, 2020
Answer is c here

Harsh Gupta answered Apr 30, 2020
History is considered as the study of past.People have to know about their past by looking at things from the past including their sources and artifacts.Historical study instructs how societies came to be and examines cultural, political,social and economic influences across time and space

Dena Laharigowda answered Apr 12, 2020
Study of past

Pandu Sreenu answered Jun 08, 2020
Study of past life of people & events.

Syed Ahmad answered May 05, 2020
My answer for this question is {C}

Hardik Mittal answered Feb 05, 2020
History is the study of past events. People know what happened in the past by looking at things like books, newspapers, letters and artifacts like pottery, tools, and human or animal remains which are all part of Historian studies. Libraries, archives, and museums collect and keep these things for people to study history. People can learn about the past by talking to people who remember things that happened in the past. This is called oral history. 

Shivani Verma answered May 29, 2020
The answer is c

Bushra Fazalwala answered Jun 18, 2019
Of course (ANS=C)

Tssvn Reddy answered May 28, 2020
The Past (C)

Arushi Pandey answered Jun 01, 2020
It is related to the past time

Mehak Jaju answered Jul 01, 2020
Its obiviously past

Pragati Meena answered Apr 08, 2020

Pooja Verma answered May 08, 2020
Option: the past

Sanjay Gariya answered May 29, 2020
Answer is C ( the past)

Adithya Sathwik answered Jul 06, 2020
history means only about past

Bhavyashree N H answered Jun 25, 2020
Option c: the past

Shreyal Jain answered Aug 18, 2020
The answer iteslf is in the word history.
Acoording to me, History , when broken into different words , is HIS + STORY, i.e. someone's story , a story of others such as what they went through, what they achieved, how they lived etc. And therefore, HISTORY IS DEFINITELY STUDY OF THE PAST !

Pavan Bhoi answered May 17, 2020
The Futuy

Shravani Vinukonda answered Jul 09, 2020
The past .we will get the history from archeoloical evidences

Manju Yadav answered Aug 02, 2020
C is your answer

Nirvaan Bhardwaj answered Feb 06, 2020

Singh Nishi Thakur answered Aug 24, 2020
C is the correct answer,
history is the study of past,""history""is an umbrella term that relates to past event as well as most of memory, tym periods,and all in past

Gundoju Mouna answered Jul 06, 2020
Answer is option c the past. why because the history always telling us about the past in the name it self history means his+ story = history

Chand Badsha answered May 08, 2020
The paste

Sneha Gupta answered Jul 07, 2020
Ans is opinion c

Krishna Bale answered Apr 02, 2020
History is the past. Answer is C.

Sharad Chavan answered Jun 14, 2020
Very simple question...
History itself indicates that "His story "
i.e. what happened with him/her in past...
so history is study of past...

Nikhil Goswami answered Jun 08, 2020
But why

Nitish Kumar Jha answered Jun 27, 2020
Option - c

Swati Kasanya answered Aug 13, 2020
Option c is correct

Shaik Shahul answered Jul 03, 2020

Taring Jumsi answered Jul 23, 2020
History is considered to be the study of the past.

Bahar Sharma answered Jun 12, 2020
Answer of this question is 'c' because in History, we study about those things & incident that was happened in previous years, decades etc.

Priyachandel Chandel answered May 16, 2020
The past . because history analysis how the things changed in present and what's the difference between past things and present.history mean to know the truth .so when we compare our present with past we know how the situation changed according to time and know about truth.

Pubg Gaming answered Apr 30, 2020
The past.as it is linked with the ancient world and our ancestors

Paras Godara answered May 08, 2020
History is considered to be a study of PAST

Rohan Narwal answered Sep 23, 2020
Study of past is known as history

Aadarsh Kumar answered Jul 31, 2020
History is the study of past event

Jahnvi Rajyaguru answered Aug 22, 2020
Option C, the past

Juhi Yadav answered Jul 15, 2020
(c) is the correct answer

Deepa Choudhary answered Aug 12, 2020
Option C:- The past