In non-green plants and animals mode of nutrition is
A: Saprophytic
B: Parasitic
C: Heterotrophic
D: Autotrophic
Correct answer is 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Class 7 Question

By Rimple Dawar · May 28, 2018 ·Class 7
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Afruyash answered Mar 11, 2019

प्यारे लाल answered May 01, 2020
Hetrotrophic is the answer

Abhimannu Kumar answered May 06, 2020
Option (D) Heterotrophic is the Wright answer

Yogeshwari Raut answered May 21, 2020
Heterotrophic is correct answer

Vaishnavi Honey answered Jun 11, 2020
It is heterotrophic

Chacko Babym answered Aug 09, 2020
Heterotrophic is the correct answer

Bhawesh Pant answered Jul 09, 2020
Answers c is correct

Anjum Akhtar answered May 11, 2020
C) Heterotrophic

Asmi Bhartiya answered Aug 15, 2020
The answer is heterotrophs because heterotrophs are those organism who depend on others to fulfill their requirements of food, and non- green plants are not capable to make their own food because of absence of chlorophyll,they are heterotrophs.

Mina Kc answered Aug 04, 2020

Sneha Kumari answered Aug 07, 2020
Answer is v because in non green plant they cannot make their food by themselves so they are depend on others

Raj Kumar Singh answered May 29, 2020
Ans heterotrophic as they are depend on other plants and animals for food.

Samrat Tripathi answered May 04, 2020

As organic matter decomposes within a medium in which a saprotroph is residing, the saprotroph breaks it into its composites.
- protiens  are broken down to amino acids due to the breakdown of peptide bonds by proteases.
- lipids are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol by lipases. 
- starch is broken down into disaccharides by amylases.

These products are re absorbed into the hypha through the cell wall, via endocytosis and passed on through out the mycelium complex. This facilitates the passage of such materials through out the organism and allows for growth and repair.

This occurs in saprotrophs and heterotrophs, and is most often associated with fungi and soil

Bipin Singh answered Jul 24, 2020
Hectrotrophic modes of nutrition do not make their own food they completely depends on other animals

Sonam Parveen answered Jun 01, 2020
C is the Wright answer

Kartik Anudeep answered May 27, 2020
Heterophic are the plants which take their food from other plants..

Shivani Choudhary answered May 28, 2018
The non-green plants lack chlorophyll which is necessary to carry out the process of food referred to as photosynthesis. Therefore, they depend on other organisms i.e. plants and animals in order to obtain food.

The non-green plants, for example. Fungi, yeast, mushroom, bread mold, are called heterotrophs. They have a heterotrophic mode of nutrition. 

Urvi Patel answered May 06, 2020

Subhi Prajapati answered Jun 24, 2020
Heterophic is correct answer

Aditi Sharma answered Jun 01, 2020
In non - green plants ,they don't have chlorophyll so, they are not able to make their food by the process of photosynthesis and due to the this they are dependent on green plants for their food and the same for animals.

Shalvi Chauhan answered Aug 03, 2020
Heterotrophic is a mode of nutrition in plants the plants that are unable to make there own food and depends on other organisms for food...

Mastermind Of All Subjec answered May 19, 2020
The plants that are not green and animals have heterotrophic mode of nutrition because they eat the food that is maked by the plants that are green with the help of photosynthesis process so the plants that are green and animals are classified in heterotrophic mode of nutrition

Latha Gudivada answered Aug 10, 2020
Hetrotrops is correct answers

Karni Singh answered May 18, 2020
Option C is correct answer

Anjli Das answered Jun 01, 2020
C will the correct answer

Suja Chacko answered Jun 12, 2019
Animals and most other organisms take readymade foods prepared by plants . the mode of nutrition in them are called heterotrophic nutrition

Raju Kandharkar answered May 26, 2020

Mayur Mangulkar answered Jun 27, 2020
Opption c is carret answers

Aishwarya Veerendra answered 5 days ago
The answer is Heterotrophic
why please explain please

Imran Vadnagari answered Apr 16, 2019
What is carbon dioxide

Siddhesh Bagad answered Jun 24, 2020
The process by which living organism obtains their food is called mode of nutrition. In non-green plants and animals mode of nutrition is heterotrophs as they obtain food from plants or other animals.

Priyani Thakur answered May 21, 2020
Autotrophic mode of nutrition

Lakhay Medhi answered May 12, 2020

Srujana Saladi answered Jul 21, 2020

M Singh answered Sep 23, 2018
My answer was 'c' but it is showing 'n'

Sharanya Jala answered Jul 22, 2020
Heterotrophic because these types of plants depend on other plants

Iman Singh answered Aug 15, 2020
What are hytrotrophic

Himanshu Kumar answered Aug 03, 2020
Hetrotrophic because they can,t prepare their own food

Sakshi Gorade answered Jul 09, 2020
Option C is correct

Konoth Vinod answered May 27, 2020
Heterotrophic is the right answer

Yash Yadav answered Jun 01, 2020
Heterotrophic is right answer

Vrunda answered Mar 11, 2019
Because they do not have chlorophyll to prepare their food

Priti Jain answered Aug 19, 2019
Why do we get hetrotrophic answer

Smitha Aji answered Jul 22, 2018
Heterophic is the mode by which other organisms take food prepared by the plants

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