Manuscript means
  • a)
    Books written by pencil
  • b)
    Books written through computers
  • c)
    Books written by pen
  • d)
    Books written by hands
Correct answer is option 'D'. Can you explain this answer?

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By Ramya Tal · Jun 24, 2018 ·UPSC
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Afruyash answered Jun 27, 2019
Books written by hands

Prakhya Shrivastava answered Jul 31, 2019
Manuscript means creative work that is written by hand instead of typed.

Poorva Arora answered 3 weeks ago
So, the word manuscript is came from Latin.
manu - hand
script -lipi
there was no paper so people at that time write on birch of tree or leaves.
At that time there was no printing press so that they could save their time.

Raiyan Zaib answered 3 weeks ago
D .hand written book

Wahid Khan answered Apr 22, 2020
Manuscript means book which is written by hands on the bark of trees or leaves.___

Manpreet Kalra answered May 16, 2020

Tiya Jingar answered May 21, 2020
Answer Is d because at that time there were no uses of pencils or computer and no evidence find by archeologist about this. archeologist find that manuscript were written by hand and on birch mark leaves.

Badri Vishal Hazari answered Jul 16, 2018
Books written by hand

Ravi Kumar answered Jun 01, 2020
The book written by hands on palm or birch tree bark or on leaf

Tssvn Reddy answered May 28, 2020
Written by hand !

Prachi Singh answered Jun 04, 2018
Manuscript means book which is written by hands on the bark of trees or leaves.

Adithya Shasan answered Jun 27, 2019
Option D : Books written by hands

Shashwat Singh answered Jun 04, 2018
People of old times used to record information about he kings ,their empires ,etc on the barks of birch trees,palm leaves,etc. These are known as manuscripts. As their were no pens or pencils at that time ,people used to write with the help of stones and hands.

Thota Indu Vadana answered 4 weeks ago
The noun manuscript evolved from the Latin manu scriptus, meaning “written by hand.” Manu is “hand” and scriptus is “to write." It refers to old documents actually written by hand before books were made, but it can also refer to a writer's unpublished work whether it's handwritten or typed.

Neeraj Kumar answered May 29, 2019
Correct anwser is option D

Swapna Bathini answered May 12, 2020
D.written by hands

Romi Rao answered Jun 05, 2020
Books written by hand's

Radhe Singh answered 2 weeks ago
Manuscript are the books which is written by hands in ancient times

Ritesh Arya answered 4 weeks ago
Manuscript, means Books are written by hand by any sages or saint during chronic period

Vaishnawi Kumari answered May 09, 2020
Book written by hands

Somasekhar Kamal answered 2 weeks ago
There are several ways of finding out about the past. One is to search for and read books that were written long ago. These are called manuscripts, because they were written by hand (this comes from the Latin word 'manu', meaning hand). These were usually written on palm leaf, or on the prepared bark of a tree known as birch, which grows in the Himalayas. So, the answer is D.

Vishanth answered Jul 01, 2018
Manuscripts are written long ago so they don't have pen , pencil,or computer

Mohita Benbanshi answered Jun 12, 2019
Books were written long ago these are called manuscript because they were written by hand these were usually written on palm leaf.

Kanha Collection answered Jun 21, 2019
Old books or documents written by hands

Pradnya Shinde answered May 16, 2020
Manu - hands, manuscript- written by hands

Dj Gaming answered Apr 19, 2020
Book written by hand

Kavitha Shivam answered Apr 21, 2020
Books written by hands on the barks of trees

Ankit Kumar answered May 13, 2020
Yes d open is right

Sher Singh answered Jun 13, 2020
(d)-- books written by hands

Chandra Girish answered yesterday
I know that it was depend on our physical and mental power. So in past time it's means that book was written on hands

Savita Devi answered Jun 13, 2020
D part is correct because manuscript means a record that is written by hand

Dj Rakesh answered Jun 14, 2020
Answer is option d

Sanjay Kumar answered 2 weeks ago
Manuscript are the scrips written by hands in old days

Suresh Singh answered May 30, 2020
Question is good answered May 24, 2019
Books written by hands

Amulya Sm answered 1 week ago
Manuscripts we're written by hands (this comes from the Latin word Manu meaning hand) these were usually written on palm leaf.

Suman Naykawadi answered 3 weeks ago
Books are written by hands are called manuscript

Shweta Tiwari answered Jun 06, 2019
Manuscript means the book written by hand on leaves

Pradeepa Sathyan answered Jun 26, 2019
Those days Darren printing machine computers and pencils

Mastermind Of All Subjec answered May 28, 2020
Manuscript means written by hand on the leaves of palm tree or on the leaves birch trees the answer of this question is D because that time there is no pens , pencils and computer so the man write it with help of the animal blood by hand

Palak Maheshwari answered 2 weeks ago
So let me tell you this that is it correct books written by hands. ya, it's correct how see pen, pencil are can't write itself. There is something need to do this. and when talk about our hands. if you read science textbook in our classes 6 to 10, what is over there is that our whole body our connected to our brain. so hands also connect to this so when we give message to brain I wanted to write this word or to pick up this thing so what will brain do. Brain will decode the message and accept and through encoding the message will give to hands and as this proccess do our hands working for particular that's work. so the whole is just like that so that's all about how it's works and ya it's true books written by hands.

Samar Raza answered Apr 28, 2020
Correct answer is D i.e. books written by hands

In ancient times people used to prepare note with hand which is called manuscript like पांडुलिपि

Nishu Deshwal answered Apr 21, 2020
D. books written by hands
The word manuscript is made by combining two words(this comes from the Latin word 'manu' , meaning hand and 'script' means book).
i hope it will help you.

Sumit Sah answered Sep 15, 2019
D) Books written by hand

Rstamil Venthan answered Sep 13, 2019
The word "manu" means hand and "script" means writing. Hence, manuscripts are the handwritten documents.

Nishu Choudhary answered Jul 31, 2019
Books writtenby hands

Subodh Jain answered May 19, 2019
Manuscript are written long ago . So they don't have pen , pencil and computer

Saikrishna Akepogu answered May 12, 2020
Written by hands

Pinaki Pal answered 4 weeks ago
Written by hand.

Chhavi Tripathi answered Jun 07, 2020
Books is written by hand. I hope you got your answer.

Sukhbeer Singh answered Aug 25, 2019
Option D is right

Nawaz Shareef answered Jun 07, 2020
D. Books written by hands

Harshita Tiwari answered May 29, 2020
Books written by hands

Sreekutty Tpwvengola answered May 31, 2020
The old year there has no pen no pencil no computer etc. that ways writers write with the hand . my explanations is this . that ways my explanation is not correct.that ways my explanation is correct

Da Vid answered May 26, 2020
Manuscript. ... The noun manuscript evolved from the Latin manu scriptus, meaning “written by hand.” Manu is “hand” and scriptus is “to write." It refers to old documents actually written by hand before books were made, but it can also refer to a writer's unpublished work whether it's handwritten or typed.

Aditya Raj answered May 07, 2020
Book written by hand

Rohit Singh answered May 13, 2020
Manuscripts- for simplification and to easy way to understand " manuscripts are documentation which are written by hand"
the materials which were used in manuscripts can be of various kinds
a.palm leaf
c. pirch
d. papyrus

the study of manuscripts are called as manuscriptology.

the average age of any manuscript is at least 750 years old.

manuscripts and India -
when we purposefully look at India, the great epics of mahabharata and ramayana were written in the later vedic period, for some context.Indian manuscripts are found in a variety of languages and scripts—Newari, Gaudi, Tibetan, Kannada, Naskh to name a few.

Vikas Singh Singh answered Apr 13, 2020
Books written by pen

Yukta Chavan answered May 16, 2020
Booka written by hand

Shru Jangam answered 4 weeks ago
Book which are written by hands!

Dhananjay Choudhary answered 4 weeks ago
D) books written by hands

Sunny Kumar answered 4 weeks ago
When there's is no pens pencils and feather writing
it means in 4 option

Siby Shaji answered 3 weeks ago
The correct answer is option D

Pragati Sharma answered 3 weeks ago
(d ) is correct

Roshanbi Jamadar answered 2 weeks ago
Book is written by hand

Angel Mishra answered 2 weeks ago
Manuscript means a book which is written by hand manu means hand

Aman Verma answered 11 hours ago
Those books which written by hand's

Sabitha John answered Aug 13, 2019

Jacub Thomas answered Mar 18, 2020
Manuscript means which is written by hands

Bagavathy Bagavathy answered Apr 26, 2020
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Santosh Kumar answered May 06, 2020

Umme Hani answered May 23, 2020
Books written by hands ibstead of any material asset books written by hands are considered as

Tanya Kumari answered May 10, 2020
Manuscripts are written by hands

Sakshi Mehta answered Jun 11, 2020
'Manu' means hand and script is a book so manuscript means books written by hands

Baliram Kushwah answered 2 weeks ago
Written by hand

Ankit Garg answered 2 weeks ago
D) Books written by hands because, manuscript coming from the Latin word " manu" mean hands.

Apoorva Sharma answered 2 weeks ago
Manuscripts are the books of ancient period. There were no instruments at that time. So obviously books were written by hands only.

Utpal Kumar answered 3 weeks ago
अत्यंत प्राचीन भारतीय हस्तलिखित पुस्तक या दस्तावेज

Harsha Pamarthi answered Apr 30, 2020
Manuscript means the book written by hands instead of typing and it is a creative work..

Krushna Uttare answered May 15, 2020
Easy question's

Ajayakumar P answered Oct 20, 2019
The books written by hands are called manuscripts . They are usually written on the palm leaves or on the bark of a special tree known as birch , which grows in the Himalayas

Madhu Rima answered Oct 20, 2019
It was mainly by hands on again leaf or bark of a tree

Soumya Pal answered Sep 13, 2019
Because earlier days their weee no pencil and pen paper not available

Arathi M answered 4 weeks ago
Manuscript are book written by hands on palf leaf or bark of birch tree that is grown in himalayas

Bethel Lalrinngheta answered Jun 04, 2020
At the early time their was no machine and such kind of things to wite. So, they use to kept their document by writing by themselves.

Yatharth Yatharth answered May 31, 2020
This is called as an old book written by hands

Anushka Mehra answered May 28, 2020
Manuscript means manually written so this is the only reason it's called so

Ghanshyam Prajapati answered May 26, 2020
Option 'D' is correct

Samol Das answered 4 weeks ago
It was written in ancient times,when there was no pencil or pen paper. They use to write on leaf of tree with some tools. and it takes time to them to complete a book.

Vikash Anand answered 2 weeks ago
The very word,manuscript came from Latin,people use to write on branch or leaf of tress,
as there was no technology,they use to write by hands