Class 7 Question

Which one is an herbivorous organism?
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'A'. Can you explain this answer?

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Ayush Chauhan Jun 17, 2018

Ravi Patnayak Oct 31, 2018

Jyoti Bal Apr 09, 2020
Cow is an herbivorous animals because the cow eats plants and stem

Ilaria Rocci Jun 01, 2020
Cow is your answer.

Kritik Kumar Sep 07, 2018
As all of them rest than COW eat non veg or dead remains of plants and animal

Maisoon Shakeel May 14, 2020
Because the cow eats only plants and green food

Abhimannu Kumar May 06, 2020
Cow is the herbivorous animal all of them

Natarajan Raju May 04, 2020
The correct answer is option a) Cow

Hareem Manhas Apr 26, 2020
Cow. Because cow eats only Plants.

Tithi Shaw Oct 31, 2018
An animal which eats plants are known as herbivorous animals .In these options only cow is such an animal so it is the answer

Cow is a herbivores because it eats grass and grass is a veg, also it doesn't eat meat/non veg
The herbivores are animals that eat veg
,hence cow is a herbivores.

Preeti Gahlot Jun 18, 2020
Cow beacause it eats vegetables and grass

Guriya Singh Jun 10, 2020
Cow is answer

Abhishek Rai Jul 10, 2020
The animals which eat plants are called herbivores. eg - cow

Vikrant Oct 30, 2018
Cow is an herbivores organism because it eats grass

Vijay Saroj Sep 20, 2020
Your answer A MERI friend banogi

Atharva Thepadia Aug 12, 2020
Cow is the answer because the herbivores eats grass

Sarthak Garg Sep 07, 2018
Cows are herbivores as cows cant digest the meat or flesh

Subhi Prajapati May 22, 2020
Option A is the correct answer

Aarti Gupta Sep 30, 2020
Cow is a herbivores animal because it eats only grass and veg things whereas tiger,crow and dog are carnivores since they only eats flesh of other animals.

Because in this question only one animal who has eat plants that cow

Anita Shukla Sep 07, 2020
Cow Herbivores Animal because he does not eat other animals

Anya Gangwar Sep 09, 2018
Cow because it eats grass while others eat non-veg

Ayush Joshi Aug 19, 2020
Because cow eat grasses and donot eat meat or flesh of other animals while tiger,crow and even sometimes dog eat flesh of other animals or meat that is why cow is the correct answer

Rekha Mishra May 17, 2020
Cow , as we all know that the cow is a animal while only eats grass and milkmade products and is also a Herbivore.
HERBIVORE-the animal which only eats grass and milkmade products and they are also a HERBIVORE.
and in the above list tiger,crow and dog are not considered as a Herbivore because the are flesh eater and are also called as CARNIVORE.
CARNIVORE-animals which eat other anals and are flesh eater are called CARNIVORE.

A) A cow eat only plants.They don't eat any carnivorous.Plants eating animals are called hervivorous.
b) Tiger is a carnivorous animals.They eat other animals like deer, zebra etc.
c)A crow is a bird. They eat fruits, grains, seeds etc.And also they are habitat.
d)A dog is a domestic animals.They only eat chicken,dogfood,or rice etc.

Cow is aherbivores animal as it eat grass and leaves of the plants..

Asha Barai Aug 21, 2020
Cow is A herbivores animal

Nyasa Singh May 16, 2020
A cow eats grass and plants so it means that a cow is herbivore...
Example -:
Cow,Horse etc.
Have you notice?
That the word Herbivore is similar to grass,shrubs or herbs...
Just see the words Herbi and Herbs they are similar to each other...

Aditi Sharma May 11, 2020
Cow, among rest of them is the only animal that eat grass.Grass eating animals are considered as herbivores

Reyansh Raj Jun 14, 2020
The correct answer is option "A" COW

Pranav Telangade Jun 16, 2018

Chandana Chandana May 31, 2020
Cow milk s an herbivores animal because it eats plants

Manjula Sandala Jul 28, 2020
Cow eats grass and stem so that it is herbivores.

Sakshi Gorade Jul 09, 2020
Option A is also correct

Cow is a herbivores animal because it eats grass and animal which do not eat flesh of other animals and eat only grass and other natural things is known as HERBIVORES animal.

Akshita Rana Nov 11, 2020
Because cow is a herbivores animal

Tuntun Soni Aug 25, 2020
Cow is correct because herbivores are the animals which eat only plants, not animals. and cow too eat plants not animals

Samrat Tripathi May 04, 2020
Rhizobium is a genus of Gram-negative soil bacteria that fix nitrogen. ... The bacteria colonize plant cells within root nodules, where they convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia using the enzyme nitrogenase and then provide organic nitrogenous compounds such as glutamine or ureides to the plant.

Ayan Chaudhary Jun 03, 2020
Because cow is an herbivores animal it eat green plants and grass.

Vashu Baisla Oct 20, 2020
Because cow eats only plants and green food

Boyarevula Varsha Sep 06, 2020
Because the cow eat the plants only

Shreya Yadav Sep 19, 2020
Answer is cow because cow is a grass eating animal and all other option is not grass eating animals . And herbivores means who eat grass and leaf .

Diya Sojan Oct 28, 2020
Because cows only eat plant or plant products

Kedar Bag May 14, 2020
Because it is a grass

Sneha Scholar Sep 09, 2018
The correct answer is (A) it means cow and there is no need to explain this question because we all already know that from this four only the is only herbivores it only mat eats herbs.

Akriti Kumari May 28, 2020
Answer c is because the cow always eat plant and plant product.

Ayush Kumar Jan 04, 2021
Cow is a herbivorous animal because he rat grass

Vaishnavi Honey Jun 09, 2020
Cow is an herbivorous animal because it eats only grass.

Reena Rai Oct 30, 2018
Cow bcz only cow is the animal in the option above which eats grass whereas crow,lion and

Tulsi Yadav Sep 23, 2020
Correct answer is option (a) Cow
Because the cow eat only green plants.

Mukul Kumar Sep 17, 2020
Cow is herbivore organism because cows eats grasses

Suryansh Sep 30, 2020
Cow becauseA herbivore is an animal that gets its energy from eating plants, and only plants. Omnivores can also eat parts of plants, but generally only the fruits and vegetables produced by fruit-bearing plants. ... Herbivores need a lot of energy to stay alive. Many of them, like cowsand sheep, eat all day long.

Ashvini Patil Jul 28, 2020
Because cow eat only plants.

Nairit Prajapati Sep 10, 2020
Cow is correct answer for the question

Ganga Varshini Jul 23, 2020
The animal which eats only plants are called as herbivores animals . cow does not eat flesh or meat so it is herbivores animal

Sarika Yadav Aug 05, 2020
Cow is herbivores because cow eat only plants and stem . Because herbivores arebtjat which eat only plants.

Shashank Singh Dec 03, 2020
The herbivorous animal eats only grass and only grass and they don't eat meat or flesh of other animals so they are herbivores therefore the option is correct

Anushree Sutar Jan 07, 2021
Option 'A' is correct.
Explanation :-
Herbivores - Orangims who only eat veg are called herbivores. Example - Cow, goat etc.
Cow is a herbivores because it only eat grass veg things.

Anusha 7 B 40 Dec 12, 2020
Cow is herbivorous because the animal who eats only grass is know as herbivorous so cow is known as herbivorous as it eats only grass

Dhrup Maurya Oct 04, 2020
The cow is the herbivores organism because it eat grass leaf and many other plant only who eat these then they are herbivores organism in nature, So cow is the correct answer for this question.

Madhur Agarwal Jun 15, 2020
HERBIVORES means ' plants eating animals or animals that directly depend on plants for their food or nutrition.' So, u naturally know that lion and dog do not eats grass. They indirectly depends on plants for their food. And crow is an omnivores bird . So cow is correct answer..

Tanvi Mankotia May 17, 2020
Cow because cow is a grass eating animal.. herbivore mean is also an animal that only eats grass and plants

Aarya Tiwary Oct 16, 2020
Because cow eats graas and eating plants is jerbovorous

Pradeep Tripathi Oct 01, 2020
Cows are an herbivores organism bcoz they eat vegetarian food like leaves, grasses etc.

Shalini Sep 29, 2020
Answer is cow because cow only eats green plants
and the definition of herbivore- animals that eat only green plants

Savita Saini Dec 14, 2020
Because cow eats only grases not any animal so cow is a herbivores animal

Samidha Kadam Oct 31, 2018
The cow is herbivorous animals because she eats a plant ya grass

Nisha Singh Aug 20, 2020
Cow is the herbivores because herbivores animals eat only plants and grass etc and cow eat is eat this food so, Af course cow is herbivores

Anita Bhowmik Oct 13, 2020
Herbivores are animals which only eat food like plants, grass, leaves, etc. as tiger and dog eat meat and crow eats everything, hence cow is the correct answer and cows only eat grass, leaves and small plants.

Cow is herbivore because It eats grass and herbivores eat grass that's why cow is herbivores

Diksha Sep 28, 2020
Cow is a herbivores organism

Rakshita Shetti May 14, 2020
Correct answer is a) Cow

Cow is herbivorous because she eats only plants.
Show we called her Herbivorous and she is also come in our relationship.

Anjali Mishra Jun 11, 2020
Correct answer is option 'A' because cow eats grass and green plants

Mahananda Kedare May 14, 2020
Cow is the herbivorus animal

Kavita Ganguly May 26, 2020
No, crow is not herbivore because he eat flesh and vegetables both and right is option a.

Because the cow eats only vegetarian food such as vegetables , grass and plants

Ayushi Dec 21, 2020
cow eat grass and any animal are flesh and blood

Sharad Chavan Dec 07, 2020
Cow is herbivorous animal ...and other are carnivorous the correct answer is A.

M. Siddiqui Jul 05, 2020
Cow is a herbivorous animal because herbivorus are animals that eat only plants and here is only cow that eat green plants while tiger is carnivore crow and dog are omnivore.

Riya Sharma Feb 02, 2020
The organisms that feed on only plant or plant part are called herbivores. Cow is an herbivores organism.

Shivam Kannaujiya Oct 23, 2020
Cow eat grass and not eat meats